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If I shotgun does it get in my system and if it does for how long?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lancedance, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. My parents have started regular drug tests and I need new ways of getting around it so I was wondering if I shotgun it does it get in my system? And I'm not talking about home test I'm talking about a straight lab urine or blood test.
  2. i don't know?? if you smoke a blunt regular does it get in your system... my answer is going to be your answer though, so don't fuck me over...
  3. If THC enters your system and stays long enough that it is still there when you get your test, you will test positive.
  4. Yes, the smoke still hits your lungs and absorbs into your blood.. So I'm sure you will show up THC if you shotgun it.

    THC is your fat is 30 days, pills and coke are 3 days so..

    Not saying to do any of them.

  5. WTH... how naive can you be? Why would getting shotgunned make the THC not go in your system? The tests detect THC, you need THC to get high, therefore any sane person would assume that if you get high, regardless of the delivery method, you will have THC in your system.

  6. Does what get in your system? THC?

    THC gets in your system regardless if you use the shotgun or not. If you're getting high, they can tell no matter what.
  7. Well I would assume since its second hand the THC wouldn't be as strong as if you hit it straight from the J or pipe.

  8. ^Lol I was gonna say the same thing
    I was like, is this guy serious?
  9. Get yourself a collection of clean pee my friend :p
  10. Well your not even that intelligent either seeing as how it took you 5 minutes to write that post.

  11. Or maybe he just saw the thread 5 minutes after the guy above him?
  12. Yeah, if you have enough THC in your blood to feel high, it'll be detectable by a test later.

    I'd just move out, because fuck that shit, you're an adult (right?) and don't have to take that shit.

    But anyways, use the search function. There are ways to get around home tests, possibly even on short/no notice. It's not like you're the first person to have asked.
  13. You could just take a t-break till they stop drug testing you.

  14. yeah for real like if your parents regularly drug test you, you've been smoking for a while right? this makes me think weed kills brain cells.
  15. If you get high. THC is in your system.

  16. Depending on how long you hold the smoke in, exhaled smoke can contain anywhere from trace amounts to a LOT of THC. There is almost always some THC in exhaled smoke, unless you hold your hits in for more than fifteen seconds, in which case it'll be stale.
  17. This is why kids shouldn't smoke pot.
  18. did you think about the answer to this question before you posted it?

    i mean cmon...
  19. If you're really about to get lab tested, there is nothing you can do except present a clean sample. How you go about getting that sample is up to you, but you can't keep smoking (or shotgunning) and expect to get one the natural way.

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