if i refuse to take a drug test in school

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  1. is it in my rights like if they dont have propable cause
  2. not to sure mate at school you have no rights so that might mean you cant refuse but im not 100% sure
  3. It depends. If its a test to play for a sports team then no, its not required, but you wont be allowed to play. If its for suspision of posession, then my bullshit alarm is ringing like crazy . If they caught you in possession, then your obviously under arrest. Otherwise, they would need evidence to prove that at some point in the past you were in possesion. Also, its not illegal to have the metabolites in your system, since alone doesn't prove you were ever in possesion.
  4. you have no rights on school grounds basically...kinda sucks but thats how it is
  5. they could suspend you but i mean what are they really going to do? they can hold the cup in front of you but how would they make you pee in it really?
  6. Dunno but maybe they could threaten expulsion. And if you are straight out refusing then aren't they just gonna automatically assume that youd fail so it doesn't really matter. Are you really just gonna refuse to take it then boldface lie to them and say that if you did take it that you would show up clean?
  7. i'm sure they'll try to threaten with SOMETHING to get you to take it. This IS school we're talking about....what would it be if they didn't infringe on your rights?
  8. You have the right to refuse the test..They may threaten you with ringing the police...But even the police cant test you without your permission.Unless they have a court order.
  9. my brother had that same thing happen to him and he refused, they tried again he took the cup and smashed it and said fuck off im not doing it and the principal tried to expel him so our dad came down there took care of it and almost kicked the shit out of the principle since he was a dick head
  10. dude, it depends, are you public school or private school? this makes a huge difference as to whether you have to take it.
  11. i can answer your question w/ absolute certainty:

    the ONLY drug tests schools are authorized to administer are for students participating in extra curricular activities. that is it.

    administrators try to claim things all the time that they don't actually have the right to do.

    to reiterate, a school DOES NOT have the authority to conduct random drug screenings on students (at least not in public schools).

    even if you did test positive for something they still couldn't do shit unless you were in possession of something.
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  15. If you are 18 then it is your right to refuse as an adult but they can call the cops, or expell you

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