If I made ur sig, come comment

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering what everyone thought of everyones elses' sigs that ive made. So if i have made you a sig, just post in this thread so everyone can see it and comment, tell me what u think can make it better, or if u think its "Perfekt" ;). Thanks!

  2. Awesome im in debt to u for this awesome sig + rep for sure
  3. ur fuckin good at this shit i saw the one u made for ucf toker that one is fuckin insane man
  4. thanks! good to hear what someone else thinks!

  5. boodeblahahalbahaa!!!!

    yea, i got some energy :)

    thanks both Perfekt AND Cam for making me sigs in the past week :)
  6. Okay, so I was looking at the sig... I really like it... but I didn't notice until just a minute ago that there's a 'hint' of a marijuana leaf in the background. Right on! Thanks Perfekt! :D :cool:
  7. Hey Perfekt, nice job man they look kickass.

    Mind doing one for me, please? heh. :D
  8. Why dont i have one?!
  9. toss me pms if u want one!

  10. Hey man. This sig is awesome. I could have photoshopped one, but im not very skilled with the brushes ^-^ Thank YOU!
  11. no durchii, i hope u enjoy it, i didnt know if the whole thing was TOO BLUE = \.

  12. are sigs a hobby or do you get extra credit in class for that type of stuff?
  13. ive been doing PS for about 2 years and its pretty much a hobby to help with my design. I just recently got into web design, so i need all the practice i can get. So people telling me what they want helps a lot, cuz thats what my customers will be doing. Ur sig will done soon :).

  14. woot double woot woot
  15. woot the sig is sick
  16. Yea thanks again for the new sig man
  17. NP everyone, its my pleasure to help out the city!


  18. web design eh? do i know anything about it? or is it something else?

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