if i leave my light on forever what will happen

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  1. hi ive got a HPS 400w with 2 baby plants under it they getting 6 hrs per day of light its ok they still growing fine thats all the power i can afford just wondering what will happen if i leave the light on 24/7?

    will it kill my plants?
    will it keep them growing but not flower?

    what exactly will it do to my plants for constant light

    by this question i literally mean constant light no darkness
  2. 6 hours a day is not enough for them to veg. You should turn it to 18 on 6 off and then switch to 12/12 in about 3 weeks or so.
  3. They will grow and grow well with 24 hrs of light providing you know what else you are doing. Using a 6 hr light cycle might as well toss it in the trash now and wait till you can run the light 18 hrs a day
  4. i know 6 hours aint enough but i cant afford to run the light longer than that 6 hrs is £2 a day thats kinda expensive for me, my baby plants seem to be growing fine with the light am giving them i just wanted to know what will happen if they had 24/7 light
  5. nope i havent a clue what am doing first time ive had a grow light all i know is these 2 plants i have are growing fine with just 6 hrs of light honest they seem healthy am just trying to save on the electric bill its costing me alot

    all i have is that light nothing else just my HPS thats it no fans or other lights just soil water and HPS
  6. if you insist on keeping your light on just 6 hours a day all you will effectively do is run up your electric bill, as 6 hours of light is not enough.

    The plants will stress and not bud effectively.

    that 18 hours of darkness is going to initiate flower from seed and your yield will be shitty even if you end up fixing things a month from now.
  7. am trying to be cost effective i just want some smoke for myself not interested in making money even if its a poor yeild i should still get something i mean this six hrs a day is working they are growing only been under the light for a week 6 hrs per day and they already starting to grow there second lot of leaf it seems to be working good here
  8. 6x400 is 2400w, which is 2.4kilowatts, each kw is 10p, so its really 24p a day. at least its like that where i live in the uk
  9. which energy surplier you with am with EDF and its defoo costing alot more than 24p £2 is a a guess i bet its £1.50 or more its costing me maybe its the ballast am using since its not what you call a propper ballast it was actually used for flood lights you know them football stadium lights will thats whats powering my hps bulb so it could be that
  10. forever is a long time.. o_O
  11. yes it is along time just wondered if light forever will do any good for plants i know it wouldnt do any good at all for the electric am using

    no way am i wiring it apparently thats how you get police knocking at the door so i pay for the electric i use but it is kinda expensive for 6 hrs never mind 18 hrs ok i might not get the best plants but at the minute

    its growing them just fine along with my sun flower lol i just got that in there so if that dont look healthy i know theres something wrong with my weed my sun flower is healthy so i guess what am doing is working just great
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    Seems like you made up your mind and went an uneducated choice.

    If you want to keep neglecting common sense be my guest.

    Good luck anyway
  13. all i wanted to know at the start of this thread is what would happen if i left my light on all day everyday for the full plant life since i cant afford to try it i thought id find out from here
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    They would never flower and keep growing as long as conditions for growth where met.

    Still you are saying you can't afford the power when you have no real concept of the cost besides a guess.

    you are comparing cannabis to a sunflower in terms of deciding if an “environment“ is beneficial.

    you are not being cost efficient if your yield is marginal compared to what a few extra p‘s of power would contribute.
  15. 6 hours is not enough light for ANY plant. It is a waste of time, and £60 per month. Wait about 6 months, and you may be able to afford to give adequate light time to your plants. You can have baby plants last for a little while, but they die or can flower male, since you have a HPS on it...

    To further answer your question, the plants can stay on 24/7, but the plant's flowering period is photo-initiated.
  16. am i drunk or confused??? you cant afford (me either buddy im re using dirt) to keep your light on for more than 6hrs a day but your thinking about running it 24/7??? they will love you if you run them 24/7 but how will that help with your elec. bill, or are you just curious??
  17. :smoke: i like how the OP knows nothing about growing but wants to dismiss everyone else's statements

    as if growing its second set of leaves is an accomplishment

    can't wait to see how this turns out
  18. use some cfl bulbs until you can afford the HPS?
  19. I think u should run florecents I run 24/7 then do bloom with 600 w hps.
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    Right on

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