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If I Keep Smokin' Will I eventually pass out/sleep?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bindin13, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Old Thread

    Alright, Long story short I haven't slept for like 36 hours, and still have no desire to sleep. I've already smoked 3 blunts of dank, and ripped 2 bong hits. If I keep ripping bong hits will I eventually just kinda fall asleep?

    Serious Answers Only Please.
  2. If you lay down you probably will, I know I do. Depends on what kind of high you have and if you feel tired.
  3. Just lie down on a couch and burn out. Sleep should come eventually.
  4. i havnt slept yet either but only like 40 hrs ask sum of the blades i was on xbox for like 20 hrs lmaoo....

    but iuno u wud prob get too high and not wanna hit it no more

    or yea u wud just fall asleep eventually
  5. Wait are you not trying to sleep and seeing how long you can stay up? Then, you eventually will fall asleep, but idk if it would be the bud.. I remember trying to stay up as long as possible, but i passed the fuck out after taking 5+ hits of some northern lights with train wreck keif from a roor
  6. Whether you're ripping bong hits or not, your body will eventually fall asleep.
  7. I'm smoking in order to fall asleep. I gotta work in the morning.

    Shit, I'ma break up my last 0.4g of this decent dro. Rip that a few times from my bong and just lie down.
  8. Stop smoking. When you're coming down is when you're going to fall asleep. I promise.
  9. I need to get really high first so I come down hard and just pass out though. Against GC rules to tell whole story though... :mad:
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    Not if you vape!!! I swear its impossible to get a good night sleep if you vape at night.
  11. I would like to thank you Mr. Jackson for 45 Minutes of Canabis Smoking.
    Well Worth it.

    ^Up In Smoke

    Oh, and it's 3PM here right now, and I want to fall asleep like right now, but the current side effect for my insomnia could last up to 12 more hours -.-
  12. Well, basically... You need to stop doing the things that are keeping you up for so long.. That way you wont run into this problem again.

    Eat. Make yourself eat. I'm talking about loading up that stomach filled with food. Smoke again.. hit up youtube and look up relaxation videos. 3D sounds are very relaxing. Whisper relaxation.. what ever suits your fancy.

    Get off the GC.. This is stimulating your mind.

    Throw some blankets on the window to insure it's dark. Make it cool in the house so you need a blanket.

    Smoke some more.

    Meditate. Relax. Breathe deep.

    Good luck.
  13. 3 blunts and 2 bong rips to yourself? id say sleep is heading your way soon
  14. I was on GC for like 8 hours straight last night when I couldn't sleep, but yeah. I'ma go grab some Granola Bars or something, pack my bowl fat, and blaze in my bed or something.

    3 Blunts Between 3 People. Prolly used 3.5grams altogether in them. Bong Bowls were to myself.
  15. Take benadryl or something drowsy. Yhats your best bet if something else is keeping you up. If its another drug get benadryl or sleeping aids if you can go out.
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    Dude I know what you mean, I vape till 6 AM and never burn out
  17. When I smoke a bunch I tend to somewhat black out which leads to me sleeping. My friends and I smoked a q the other day and we all crashed so hard that night
  18. Weed never puts me to sleep, it does the opposite actually. I suggest nyquil. Maybe booze, but it depends on the person.
  19. I'ma take some Melatonin, it's suppose to help insomnia and stuff anyways.

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