If i hotbox the SHIT out of a room.....

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  1. ...then when we are done smoking let the room air out....how long before the smell goes away completely? a few days with the window down?

    I want to hotbox this room but i dont want it to reek like the next day bc i got ppl comin over.
  2. I would say a day would be good. Turn on the fan and open the windows and you should be all set.
  3. it doesn't take very long to clear out. Me and one of my roomies hotbox in our bathroom with the shower running all the time. Our other roommate doesn't smoke and he's never even noticed anything when coming home and going in the bathroom even just a couple hours later.

    Just open windows/doors when you're done smoking and/or light some incense or candles and it'll clear up in no time. The smell of incense will last longer than the weed most likely unless you got some really smelly stuff haha.

  4. You hot boxed with the shower on to cover it up, that is why it didn't smell!
    He just wants to get his room as smokey as he can, going take a little longer then normal!
  5. I can smoke an L or two in my room and probably like 2 hours its fine.
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    all depends.

    A. how much weed are you smokin
    B. how youre smoking it (Blunts,joints, bong, bowl, etc.)

    edit: when i lived at home and my parents would be outta town.
    i'd smoke about a quad in my room in 1 day w/ friends.
    then when they came home the next day after me airing it out etc. there would be no smell

    it also depends on if your room is clean.
    if youve got clothes etc laying around everywhere, the smell will sit around in your clothes, or blankets, etc.
  7. Open the window and use some Febreeze. Stuff works great.
  8. Weed smoke clears out WAY faster than cigarette smoke will. If you just straight rip bongs in a room, it will be cleared out within a night most likely. Blunts are a different story, that will stink the place up. I have plenty of friends who only allow weed smoking in their houses/apartments and any time i go over there, it smells fresh like they don't even allow any smoking.

    Though I am sure there are some rooms can retain the skunky smell for a while longer than other rooms.
  9. i would say search bar, this has been asked like 80 times.
  10. open your windows but DO NOT turn on the ceiling fan if you have one, just makes it worse and blows it into other rooms. put a box fan in your window and have it sucking out and that room will be good my friend
  11. Do it at night, go to sleep with your door closed and window open, wake up - there'll probably be no smell lingering.

    If you're burning blunts, think of the tobacco as a by-product and how they smell up clothes, I say don't burn blunts in your room. If you were to hit bongs (light, more airy smoke then a pipe or j, IMO) you're good within an hour with some ventilation.

    I usually, if my room is badly boxed, will spray down my fabrics (clothes hung up, my comforter - my only things exposed cause' I'm a clean freak) and place a fan on the opposite side of the room.

    Before you do it just get some febreeze and a new air freshner around the rest of your house, I'm sure you'll be fine. It won't take more than a day, that's for sure, tops three hours...
  12. Glade candles are your friend.........

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