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  1. Well, if you could have anything you wanted to improve your life, but you lack the funds, what would you get for yourself/others. Infinite money is allowed

    This can be the "just imagine" thread.

    If I could have anything, I'd want a bigger home. A dog. Enough food to live, enough money to buy a ring for my roommate/girlfriend. And just pretty much go from there..

    Fuck i dunno, what do you want?
  2. A woman. And alot of weed. And my car to quit being a fucking prick
  3. Things money cant buy
  4. id buy a house just to grow in and hire people to maintain it, a beach house, a private jet, and a nice car. I think i would be ok with all that.

    maybe throw in a couple jetski (s) and boat or yacht type deal. :cool:
  5. I'd definitely travel all over the world and help out those in need. Id smoke weed every day. Id finish paying my mother house off for her and I'd buy myself a nice house as well :rolleyes:
    if only, if only.
  6. to be the most intelligent person, the world would be a better place no doubt.
  7. Solid gold house and a rocket car.
    ... oh yes and a time machine
  8. A ring for your roommate/girlfriend? I think you should drop the "roommate" tag first :)

    If I had unlimited money, I'd simply pay off my debts, buy a pound of sticky melting Hashish (not the powder type), a bunch of primo high-end medi-pot, a lifetime guaranteed annuity tied to inflation which would provide me with a luxury lifestyle for the rest of my life, and then I'd spend a bunch of money on inner-city youth sports programs.
  9. I'm gonna second the time machine. I mean, if I could have anything.... I'd also have a wizards robe that allowed me to cast spells. And a guitar that makes me an expert when I play it. Also, I would buy Ronnie James Dio's bones, and with magic, recreate him as my Dio Golem.
  10. ...a million dollars, i'd buy you a fur coat.

    but not a real fur coat, that's cruel.
  11. all the land in the world, I would split it all evenly with the people and teach the world how to sustain on their own without debt.
  12. Free energy, no more rich and poor..all I really want..
  13. A vehicle that could travel to any location in the universe in afew hours so i can enjoy the trip with afew joints looking out the window , also an inter dimensional vehicle would be cool that is able to exist is dimensions with other laws of physics
  14. A modest home. A nice (but not too nice) car. Money for vacations for vacations. Not have to worry about paying bills.

    Just have enough money in my pocket to do what I wanted in life, and not have to worry.

    Donate the rest to a children's hospital.
  15. "Here from a kings mountain view
    Here from the wild dream come true
    Feast like a sultan, I do
    On treasures and flesh never few

    But I would wish it all, away
    If I thought I'd lose you just one day"

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    I'd take infinite money so I could build myself a space station to live on in orbit...Holy shit that would be awesome...
  17. dudes infinite money sucks.... no one of you guys ever cheated money on GTA or similar? at first its great, but then it gets boring and you quit... same about life... many very rich people get depressed when they find out that there are things money just cant buy... true friends true love... in fact id say to some degree it makes it even harder to achieve those things...

    but on topic: id say 10.000.000€...

    Id get a 1M BMW, a decent crib and the rest would go to Bank/Family/Busines ... Im pretty sure I allready posted that somewhere else
  18. Yeah but think of the good you can do with infinite money. Cure all the world's energy problems, food problems etc etc...
  19. yup cause money and power don't corrupt at all. we don't need money to solve either one of those problems.
  20. + if you had infinite money = inflation = everything goes wrong

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