If I Had Never Smoked Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. possibly i wouldnt be such a failure
    but what would that really get me
    i would make more money...but for what
    since i cant spend it on weed
    the only reason i would want to make a lot of money is to smoke weed and do drugs
    but if i do drugs i'm not capable of making money
    so either way i lose

  2. smoke weed everyday
  3. if i never smoked weed i'd be a fucking loser but id have a lot more money
  4. I would still be buying beer and waking up with a headache
    I would have a Anxiety relapse.
    I would not get to take extra half hour breaks with my boss.
    I would have to take pain meds (oxy) for my heel surgery.
  5. lets just say obama wouldnt be the president
  6. if i had never smoked weed, would i smoke weed just so i can smoke weed and start to smoke more weed to say I wish I never smoked weed but to come to the though of smoking weed is a great feeling?
  7. I honestly have nothing to say weed has made my life better in every way!  :hello:  :bongin:
  8. I would... be some anxious social misfit who doesn't know his ass from his elbow
    I dunno. I started smoking in like 7th grade I have no clue where I'd be at but I feel like it's been a good influence so its okay
  9. I wouldn't have a ton of great memories. I wouldn't have the profound insights i've learned baked. I'd be a much less happy person. All in all i can't imagine life without it!
  10. wouldnt have met the awsome people i know today.

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