If I grow it in a closet I can't put my clothes in there right?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by true_balla23, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Will they smell or what?
  2. I have some of my clothes in my closet and they stink
  3. If you don't put your clothes in the closet where do you put them?
  4. on the floor and on chairs and stuff. I dont mind
  5. I'm all ready to grow with all the supplies and everything, all I need to do is find a place to grow it. I'm talkin it over with this girl I know to do it in her closet (my mom checks mine far too ofte) and I'll give her some of it in return, but she says she doesn't want her clothes to stink. She said I can use another part of ehr house as well, but I can't think of anything.

    btw, the basement is taken.
  6. get some plastic boxes and put them under your bed.....
  7. ^^Why the picture...? Any reason at all?
  8. yeh or just go to a second hand furniture store and buy yourself a lil cupboard/cabinet to take to ur friends house.
  9. Well since your thing says "Location: Lima ,Peru" and considering that you did the sign wrong I will assume you know nothing about Bloods or Crips and that you learned everything you know about them from youtube and the internet. You is an internet thug boy.

    btw, next time you try that ish try not to wear that kind of shirt.

    Just one last thing I think you should know. Bloods are restricted to black people, as Crips are somewhat multi-cultural. That being said, you are not a blood.

    Case closed.
  10. no disresepct cause it is your life but why do u feel the need to be in a gang in the first place, cant handle yourself?

    EDIT: also why does sig say eastside compton and your location toronto?
  11. Good idea, I think I'll do that.
  12. I joined because that's what all my boys were. Also, I live on a Crip block, and grew up with Crips.

    It says Eastside Cpt because that's where I was born and grew up, and then later moved to Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, and then again moved here to Toronto.

    I came to this site to get help in my weed growing, not to start LOCin and Slobin and whatever. This dude just posted that, for no good reason.
  13. i hear ya im not trying to bash u or anything its just personally im against violence and think the fact that being in a gang if your leader told u to go kill this man you would have to doit and it could be over absolutly nothing could be over him walking in the wrong area or what not he could have kids a wife whatever it just doesnt seem right i mean theres nothign wrong with a social group of friends or what not its just murder for nothing is insane
  14. The only ex-gang members you have seen are on footage lmao.
    Crack sells pretty damn good too (see 50 Cent before he turned Hollywood). Ever herd of Whitney Houston?

    They say they regret being in it, not that it was all fake or anything like that.
    It's not like I'm a hardcore Crippa or anything like that, I just rock my flag to show where I'm from, and the people I roll with.

    I'll just leave it at that, I don't mean to bash you or anything. After all, aren't we all just here to smoke some damn weed! :D :smoking:

    EDIT: He changed his post...... He said Crack doesn't sell and that all the ex-gang members he's talked to say that Crips and Bloods are fake...
  15. It kind of makes me sick to see all of these people here questioning so much...this is a forum to help this guy grow some green, not question his cultural decisions or background.

    The best thing about weed isn't the high, its the brotherhood of those who get high, and those who respect it and understand it, so don't go bashing on this guy because he does what he sees as right.

    If everyone could follow the concept of smoking, there would be no fighting at all, no wars, so you guys need to commend this guy for spreading the love and keeping the crimes off of the streets by growing it and not buying it from someone who isn't in it for the love, they're in it for the money.

    Weed is colorblind; it has the power to pull people from all walks of life (Asia, Afghanistan, United States, South Africa) and get them to partake in the same activity for the same reason:

    To smoke some dank and get rollin.

    Good luck on your grow man, mine is here under Me and Bro First Grow.
  16. It's obvious that Crips can't be all that bad, if this is any example. It's evident this fellow isn't the gang-banging thug-life type.

    After all, he lives with his mother. He said so himself.


    No, better yet. Don't.

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