If I go for this B.S. degree I'll make $25 an hour but I have to move back in with my dad to do it w

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  1. what would you do?

    currently work in NC in medical laboratory but with no college degree, currently enrolled in a community college and halfway done with an A.S. in medical laboratory technology. To finish this degree would be difficult while working, as all of the classes start when i go to work, and switching shifts here if difficult. with the A.S. degree I could be making ~15-18 an hour (currently at $12.77). I would need to take clinicals 8 hours a day 4 days a week for 8 weeks. All while also working 8 hours a day of course. This is doable but very unpleasant.

    The other option is I move in with my dad in Georgia. Augusta University has a B.S. in medical technology, and at my current company MTs make anywhere from $21-28 an hour, which is awesome. He said I could live there rent free (he is relatively wealthy) and commute to the school from his place for however long it takes to finish. For a BS degree, that would be about 2.5 years. Problem would be living with my dad for 2.5 years of course....been there done that, I'm 25 years old and don't really want to move back in with daddy and his new wife and her kid, although I would have privacy as it's a large house..he and his wife smoke and don't care that i do of course, he's fairly chill, but ya know...I don't want to be nearly 28 and living with dad...

    What would you do?
  2. Invest in that future :)
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  3. You go home, it is easier to correct these issues now than later. You are fortunate and you should accept an offer from family or friends that have no other motive than to see you succeed. Just do it.
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  4. 25 an hour is not that much
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  5. Be thankful that you have a chilled out father like that.

    My dad literally threatened to come over to my country and beat the shit out of me one day, because of my sexual orientation. lol

    Regarding your privacy - You honestly wouldn't want to live in a college dorm, and trust me, with the rising cost of housing all over the developed world - it's close to impossible for a college student or an average earner to afford a place of their own.

    Roommates are a pain in the ass to live with. They steal from you, some of them don't clean up after themselves, they can be loud.

    Rent free - think about it. Think about all the money you'll get to spend. Get yourself out of the house, go clubbing once in a while.. go to the movies.
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  6. It is 3x more than minimum wage. 52k per year. Which if its a decent company is also going to contribute to a 401k or other package, plus insurances, vacation etc etc which can make income be as much as 80k
    This is all aside in comparison of how good it feels to have certification in the sciences.
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  7. Exactly! College experience without the hassle, only the work.
  8. I'm not greedy, it's more than twice what I'm making now and I'm living decently already. I'll take it happily.

    Thanks all. This is pretty much what I wanted to hear. Wish I did it earlier, but it is what it is i suppose. May be my last chance.
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  9. If it makes you feel any better, I'm 26 and I'm coming out of a very similar situation to yours. I've been living with my dad these couple months finishing up my Biology degree. I could never really relate to that Linkin Park song, Numb, but all of a sudden it kind of makes sense. lmao
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  10. I'd move back in with your dad. Rent free and they are down with you smoking. Plus you get to further your life. Good luck with everything
  11. Just be a union plumber we make $65 an hour

    and they pay for schooling
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  12. listen to us and move back with pops. rent free, chill dad, privacy, no annoying weird roommates, get to smoke,that damn near sounds like luxury if you ask me... make that money g
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  13. If you dont want to be 28,living with yiur dad cause your 28 I think you should. Enjoy the time you have with your dad. Your 28,so I'm sure your dad is going to treat you like ur 28
    Hes letting you stay with him because he knows it's in YOUR best interest to stay with him for your personal growth.
    Stay with ur dad

  14. Lol u like that Union job huh lol
  15. Yuuupp
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  16. Whyd u even consider not going?

    "Yah im going back to school to further my career, so my dad asked if i wanted to live with him rent free because i dont live in that state anymore"

    "what?!? You dont pay money on rent and live with your loving father? Going back to college? Wow youre a fucking loser!"

    I dont see that conversation taking place very often lol

    Edit: also, i thought you meant a bullshit degree at first LOL
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