If i ever win the lotto...

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  1. i wrote a plan of what i would do if i ever won the lotto or somehow inherited a fortune.

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  2. i decided after giving away however much i'd put away enough to earn about 70,000 a year in interest. .

    and just live within my means doing what strikes my fancy whether its working or just kicking it who knows
  3. Pretty conservative plan, im really just living out a wild fantasy
  4. I'd give a good amount to my family/friends/whoever I knew that truly needed a little extra money to help em out in time of need...

    Like cali said the thing to do when you win the lottery.. Put it in a fund that you will earn 50-100k a year from interest so you never actually spend the money you won in the lotto.. Just interest ;)

    Tis how the rich, stay rich. :smoking:
  5. pay parents back and then some

    buy hella weed

    move out

    save the rest
  6. i probably wouldnt do a damn thing different.

    id still go to work and school, i need structure in my life.

    itd feel good knowing you dont NEED to work though, and i would do that investment thing to make some more. cuz you know, i need more.
  7. id just move to hawaii have enough to live off the rest of my life, get a small house, not some bullshit show off "i have 1 meter plasma screens" villa, just a small nice house, go surfing/skateboarding everyday, become board shaper or sumthing, party hard, live life, grow weed .... aaaaaah
  8. this.

    I have been thinking that if I won the lottery or inherited like 100 million from my fourth uncle three times removed what I'd do with the money. I'd travel Europe, give some away to family and friends, and help people/animals. I'd try and help people get their life on track, or help people who can't afford their meds like anti-depressants and anxiety meds. Shit, even if I had just five million, I couldn't spend that in my life. (Well I could but I wouldn't)
  9. i would start my own business or buy a couple franchises so i could make even more money off of it...cus statics say that ppl who win the lotto end up being homeless cus they buy an bunch of stupid shit and think they never have to work then eventually they cant pay property taxes.
  10. I'll start my own little lotto so people spend shit loads of money and win nothing and I end up richer. :)

  11. thats what im sayin....id toss my parents a few bills for all the stress ive caused and continue to cause them....then id ALWAYS have some dank bud......id move out to a half decent place get a really sweet car and then i dont know....go to the club in my sweet car and pick pu some hoes?
  12. i'd live pretty conservatively, like everyone else said i'd put some of it in funds so i could bank 100k a year in interest... i'd buy a nice house, but not a fuckin mansion, but i'd want a decent bit of property and i'd want it to be out in the country where its nice and quiet and secluded.. i'd build a pyramid/temple that was somethin like 100x100 feet base and 50 feet tall on my property for doing my rituals and what not. i'd also build a sweet indoor skatepark to skate/bmx in for fun. then i would go to a good college and just take all kinda courses in all the shit i'm interested in, get a buncha degree's... probably write a book or 2 in my free time. i'd start a decent sized grow op, but i'd also grow fruits/vegetables. i'd help people out, like pay off all my dads debts and put him in another house (or let him live in my house in a seperate area) so he could get the hell away from my pap since my pap is the biggest fucking asshole and constantly starts fights (and is always fucking insulting me).. he always tells us "anytime you want you can get the hell out, i dont need you's here" so i'd like to watch his life turn into a living hell being by himself having to do all his own cooking n shit, since he's so adamant about us getting the fuck outta here.. if i won the lottery i wouldnt give a fuck if he died, cuz the only reason i need him alive is so i have a place to live and food to eat.

    and i'd probably by a nice car or 2 and some motorcycles/dirtbikes.

    but other than that, i'd just live a semi-normal life. i wouldnt work, i would dedicate all my time to expanding my knowledge and spirituality.
  13. I'd definitely do the first 3. After that I'd buy a fun car then put 50-100,00 into it. I'm thinking something like an STI, Supra, LS1 Camaro, Corvette, something like this. Buy a nice house, and maybe some apartments to rent out to regain some cash. Of course I'd keep a decent amount in the bank, or have it invested in a fool proof investment(which in todays economy might be tough to find).

    So yeah, I'd live life up, drive fast cars, make sure I don't go broke, and probably do two chicks at the same time.

    edit: depending on how much money I had, I would open up an account for my parents so they could get themselves in a good financial spot and maybe live off interest.
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    id get a million dollar crib, a couple cars, a new cadillac and a new benz..maybe even a 760 beamer...throw my family members some cash and just enjoy all the benefits of having that much money.
    id start a nice grow inside the crib, nothing crazy, just enough like 10 plants. if u get caught, fuck it, you can pay your way outta it.
    id also get some nice rocks to put in my ear, and other nice jewelry.
  15. move to a better neighborhood, buy a car and use some money.

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