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If I eat before I smoke, will I still have the munchies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongDelivery, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Having the munchies can really kill my high sometimes.  I mean, I get all paranoid and shit when I go upstairs to get food because that's where my parents are...  Not just that, but I read that eating actually lessens a high.  I'm also a bottomless pit, and am NEVER, EVER satisfied when eating, so it's like all the effort was pointless.
    If I eat a massive meal before I smoke, will I still have the munchies when high?

  2. absolutely
    I could eat 20 bucks worth of maccas, then get high, then eat another 20 bucks worth.
    Munchies used to be a serious issue for me lol
  3. A lot of variables here. Type of strain... your body chemistry... 
    Me personally.. I have eaten a huge turkey dinner before smoking and after smoking the munchies still hit me like a motherfucker. I embrace them though  :love:
  4. I can feel the munchies over taking me ! it is a good pain.
    But seriously, me and a few of my friends usually eat before smoking because it helps curb the munchies.
  5. just grab enough food when your sober then go smoke and your set
  6. personally i think it varies per person, i personally dont get the munchies if i eat before, but some people i know do. a good investment would be a little fridge for your room (drinks, snacks) not to expensive either..
  7. Dat Chaos reference
  8. Eating good food will help with that.

    Like something with protein and vegetables probably will leave you feeling full, but empty carbs will leave you with munchies half an hour later. Chips n shit are awful for that
  9. Back when I smoked more frequently, I would always eat before I smoked, so that I wouldn't have to deal with those annoying ass munchies. So I think it works.
  10. Food will continue to taste delicious after the factSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

  11. "The particular receptor most often associated with cannabis use and appetite
    regulation is known as CB1. To date, the CB1 receptor has been
    found to be active in several areas of the body known to
    stimulate eating behavior, including the following:

    The sections of the hypothalamus and hind brain that regulate
    food intake;

    The reward centre of the brain – helping food make us feel

    From within stomach and intestinal tissue – helping us know
    when we are hungry;

    The limbic forebrain – helping food seem more palatable.

    Put simply, when someone uses cannabis, they are replicating an
    effect the body produces for itself, only much more intensely –
    thereby changing eating behavior (Cota D et al., 2003)."

  12. I used to eat before i smoked so the munchies wouldn't kill my high. Then i realized I was fooling myself so now i just smoke and then stuff my face then smoke more.
  13. Less munchies for sure but there's no telling depends on how high you get ha.
  14. this thread gave me the munchies.
  15. New medical user here. I take mine at bedtime so I make sure to eat something when I do it, because waking up in the middle of the night hungry is not my idea of a good time nor conducive to a good night's sleep. 
    However I smoked during the day today (which I never do) and I am hungrier than I have ever been in my life, wtf, and eating really random combinations of food. 
  16. Yes indeed my friend...

    Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. Nah I eat a meal before I smoke. Might have like a candybar or something for the munchies. Gotta conserve.
  18. #19 orbweaver, Mar 7, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 7, 2014
    When I had the munchies yesterday I ate a can of sardines topped with a tablespoon of mustard, half a cup of green olives, some pesto sauce, and two oranges.

    I don't really have much junk food in my house and was going for weird random food. But man, I wanted chilaquiles in the WORST way.
  19. I just started eating before i smoked and it helped out my munchies alot. I was like a garbage disposal when i was high and was gaining weight. Already being overweight, something had to be done and so far this is working. I still have a little snack but its not even close to what i was eating before

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