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If I Dont Smoke I Cry Myself To Sleep

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheCoolest420, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. So this is a serious problem for me. I've been smoking at least 2 grams a day for the past 2 months. Since I got out of jail.

    Whenever I don't smoke for a day or two I start feeling like shit. I get really emotional. Like mad. And I start thinking about all the fucked up shit that's happened this year. Then I start feeling like my life is moving too slOw. And I'm a failure for not gRaduating with my friends.

    And just how unfair life has been for me. And then I end up locked in my room punching a pillow and huffing and Puffing like a bitch.

    That's not my personality at all. And when I'm high I care about nothing. Nothing gets me down cuz I know Other people have it worse. And I don't get impatient with life I just let it move at it's own speed. When I'm sober I just want to get money faster. And I feel like everything's a waste of time
  2. Marijuana is not the problem, grow a pair and make life what you want it to be man.

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  3. well just keep smoking weed! :smoke:
  4. I have a tendency to focus on negative things and feel bad about life on 1st days of a t break, just gotta work through it until you get used to it.
  5. dont use weed as a crutch, its not the weed or high thats making you look at life that way, its your way of thinking. the best thing to do is go out and do something you enjoy while not high. go do something for fun instead of for a gain or money, it will make you appreciate hard tasks much more
  6. most people that get outta jail are all tuff n shit lol, not the other way around :p 
    you meet any cool people in their??
  7. You are wasting your time. Sit outside somewhere and watch the people around you walk. Watch their movements and study the human being. Learn their tendency to move a certain way and especially their faces. The expression will teach you to pay attention and slow yourself. Look n the mirror my friend. What do you see?

    Be honest and be critical. WiTH words that hate, destroy yourself. I mean shit kicked crap punched out with words your worst enemy would get after ruining your life. Then be like, it's time for change. I'm going to change my diet today, no matter what. Obsess that day over your diet. Strive that day to only eat a certain way and that day, don't smoke all day. When night nears, do pushups. Hell you may have man boobs, or be cut as a rock, but wherever you are, promise yourself twenty. If you cant do one, hold your body there for sixty seconds, then as slow as you can, and while breathing the whole time, let your body Slowly fall to the floor. This day you are working to build a better person.

    Tomorrow you promise to learn something new. It doesnt matter if it's cooking or boxing, but you've got a goal. Everyday will be a new day and everyday will be a new skill for a new person. You are that person.

    Weed can become a part of the regiment. Sativas to work, indicas to sleep. COntrol the mind. Seek wisdom where it is. A man on the street may pass you and say, nice day today, and you respond, it most certainly is, because negativity is weakness and on the steak that is your life, you've removed the fat.

    Balance will seem to be part of you. Without realizing it, you will be changing. You will get out of the shower one day, and see a different person when you look in the mirror. Your life will now be in your control. Seek to scare yourself. Go out of your element and do something uncomfortable. Challenge yourself; make fun of yourself.

    Eat foods you don't like, foods you never ate before, but were prejudiced against without ever trying. Confuse your tongue.

    Learn to talk to people. Learn to appreciate humanity. You may be cynical, you may hate humans and blame them, but find those who make you laugh. Learn to laugh. A lot. Laugh your ass off. If youre not laughing everyday, you are not alive.

    Learn to be alive.

    Surround you living environment with positive quotes. Carry your mind. Even if your body is owned by an institution, your mind is not, realize this. The minds always free unless it chooses not to be. THe body will follow the mind.

    Educate yourself. Go back to school and refuse to fail, do whatever it takes to get yourself in order and to pass your classes, all sacrifice, all study. Ask questions from teachers, be judged by peers who are annoyed by your interruption, and be glad you asked. Take pride in studying and more pride in your grades. Discipline yourself.learn to love and respect disciplining yourself.

    Others will see your success. And you can pass happiness onto the world. If you follow this advice you will learn what I saw summarized today, which is in lamans:


    "Hear me now, believe me later."

    And wisdom and living and health and freedom and passion and life and success and all you seek is yours my friend.

    It worked for me. I wish you all the best.~
  8. If you can't smoke then take sleeping pills (over the counter) to put you to sleep for the first few days. After the withdrawals wear off you'll be fine.
    Make sure you fap before going to sleep, the build up tension can make you emotional and cry because you need to release the tension. Some girls actually like to cry, that's because it relieves tension, they should just masturbate its better.
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    I know where you are comming from. But I found out for myself that, even though there definitely is a decrease in happiness (that's probably due to getting used to MJ's effects) most of it also is highly depending on if you let it get you down. 
    My first half hour of the day is always the worst when I t break. Everytime I go for the all day err day lifestyle I end up feeling like shit for a couple of days, but it really is like that because you let it. If you decide you are not feeling bad you are not feeling bad :p
  10. bro people have been in worse situations for you not to smoke and makein u mad is just your around positive people and I dont think weed mite be for you if its causing you to act like that. SMOKE THE WEED DONT LET THE WEED SMOKE YOU 
  11. Seems like you need marijuana too much. It really isn't like that. You shouldn't have that bad of withdrawals.

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  12. Sounds to me like you are using weed to escape and when you come down reality sets in and you don't like it. Do you like who you see in the mirror when you're sober? You're going to have to ask yourself the toughest questions of your life and face your worst fears and shame to overcome what's bothering you but remember there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. Lmao chill the fuck out.
  14. How about masturbating while crying?
    Ultimo endorphin rush...

    Op man....just pull your shit together.
    Your crying about being out of weed?
    I'm addicted to real drugs that take my pain away. Problem is doctors won't prescribe them hardly anymore, and when I run out I pretty much go crazy.
    My bones hurt, all my joints, god knows my back, and I have terrible as hell 1 minute the next your freezing.
    You can't leave the house without shitting your pants, not that you'd even want to because everything is just not fun.
    Mood swings too, one minute I'm homicidal, the next suicidal, and then I get all spiritual lol.

    A lot of people have it worse than me, and I've got it worse than you.

    P.s. weed is bout the only thing that gives me relief for 10mins at a time because of my tolerance. Talking dank too.

    I'm in limbo guys...72 hours of hell with no comfort (except the little weed I have, and a glass of wine.)
    Wish me luck.

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    Dude the guy wasn't talking about physical pain. He was talking about emotional pain, which if you've gone through some of the shit this guy has then it sounds like that could be MUCH worse than your problems. Don't be so quick to judge (e.g. "just pull your shit together").
    OP times are hard but they will get better. Realistically they can't get much worse can they? Theoretically they could but chances are that isn't going to happen. Take things one day at a time and focus on things in your life that make you happy or will make you happy (not drugs or alcohol). These sort of experiences will make your stronger man, they always do and in time you will look back on this and think "thank fuck things got better" because they will. Stay strong, you'll get there. As much as I HATE hearing this when people say it to me - it's character building. It's a bullshit line to hear when you're going through it, but when you look back on this experience in the future when things are better then you'll understand what i mean.
    Also, I highly recommend reading something on positive mental attitudes/thinking. I honestly don't believe in "The Secret", but if you approach things in life with a positive attitude then you tend to get the best out of them; and you will try harder because you will see the good that can come from your struggle more clearly. You need to find a way to do that and then you can make sure you get what your definition of "happiness" and "success" are back in your life for good.
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    I would blow up also, if I was smoking a lot and then stopped all of a sudden. Well ,it depends on the stressors but... yes. If there is a big enough trigger, I will Over react or get Over emotional. Sometimes I even feel like it's much deeper like I would attract these situations (and I have no control over them) that test me. pretty much any drug will fuck with what you attract to often times making one attract bizzare situations, even situations that would help to keep me in a vicious cycle of addiction.
    Well, last time I 'blew up' I cried a lot. It was about a week or less after I was smoking almost daily, or just smoked once. I guess it was kind of like "the higher you go the harder you'll fall" unless you can be absolutely aware and in control... of course often times one is not in control and all one has left is the stillness inside regardless if your emotions, your body, others, even Thoughts are not 'in control'.
    Crying after smoking a lot of pot abusively feels like cleansing. Literally, like, the tears are full of toxins being dumped out. Afterwards I felt better.
    Regardless of whether you believe in the above or if it even occurs for you: crying helps to clear toxins, so maybe if you think of it as just being that you are clearing yourself of toxins it helps somewhat.
  17. i couldnt have said it better myself
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    Also marijuana can fuck with hormones like produce excess estrogen which can contribute to night sweats, emotional mood swings, excess fear etc.
    Much like a woman having hormonal problems herself.
    A woman I know recommended taking progesterone cream with chasteberry, even for Men.... I dont know the dosages for it though since I never tried it.
    I quit weed. Im not fucking with weed anymore until I can grow it myself or know for sure it's Grown Correctly, the right strain, KNOW that it's harvested Correctly etc. And I probably would lean towards eating raw and juicing.
    Cannabis is great and all but most of what we have now is Marijuana/Weed resulting for a highly corrupt establishment which fucking ruins it.
  19. When I see anyone act like they're having withdrawls from cannabis, I laugh and compare them to that stupid, snotty, brat attitude girl from sixteen and pregnant or whatever it's called. Janelle, I think is her name? Either way, man the fuck up. Take control of your life and don't rely on ANYTHING except YOURSELF to change things. Cannabis isn't going to magically make things better. It might help, but it's not the end all, be all. YOU are the strongest asset in your life and YOU have the strongest hold on making things better or worse. I suggest you figure your shit out and stop smoking/consuming all together. You can't blame cannabis for the way you act when you don't have it. You're just throwing a temper tantrum. When you figure your shit out and get your life in order to where you are experiencing great quality of life, then, if you want to, start consuming again, only to accentuate that great quality of life and make it that much better.
    Seriously. Saying you act a certain way because of cannabis is a cop out. It'd be like me saying that if I don't have some sort of unmentionable, I'm going to rage quit on life. That's fiendish behavior. Do you have some terminal illness that I missed or you didn't mention? Why do you think YOU'RE the victim? Life isn't just unfair for you. You're not the only person who has it hard in this world. I'm pretty sure, by any standard, that I have had it rough as well, but who cares? I know you don't I fixed my situation myself, something you need to realize and do as well.
    Long Story Short....Suck it up. Fix it yourself and don't blame your actions on cannabis. Improve your life and don't base your actions on a plant you have or haven't consumed.
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    People have it wrong, it's not merely about personality, etc. Don't turn it into moral judgement.
    It WILL make you somewhat over emotional or stressed, this is consistent throughout Many pot abusers.
    This kind of attitude inhibits real growth and knowledge about cannabis' Real affects.
    It's denial.

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