if i could kick my own ass i would. (almost caught)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DietBong, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Well today me and my good friend got asked a deal of 160 for 1/2 oz of the purple kush or something like that. I decided it was good and I origianlly wanted my friend to be there to pick it up, but he had to do some calc so he stayed behind. I went and got it and came back to his calc class to chill for a while. This was the first dumbass thing i did. I could have just drove home, but nooooooooooo....i had to go to the room. Keep in mind the 1/2 is in my sweatshirt pocket. Once there, I proceeded to do the second dumbass thing of asking my teacher to look up my grade. As I stood behind her, she turns around and says "(my name), you smell like weed" i was like "umm....i don't do that stuff" and my heart stopped beating for about 30 seconds. she turns around and tells me i have an A+(woohoo!) and then asks me if I am stoned. i proceed to tell her i don't do any drugs and then she says something that blew me away. "well, I think you taking a few bong hits (yes she said 'bong hits) is better then your buddy taking all those caffiene mints" I quickly said something like "gotta run" and ran my ass out of there.

    well, my friend who stayed beheind said that he was drawing bongs on the board and she was telling him to add a bowl and stem and shit. he says I am cool, and she is chill, but i am still trippin out a tad.

    i've also decided that never again will i ever bring anything illegal to school. just not worth it...i also know that this was totally my fault and I am a stupid person for not just going home. if i could kick my own ass i would.
  2. Back when i was in high school we used to gte high before school and at lunch, we carry bags on us all the times. It was a very pot filled school, half the time the teachers knew we were high.

    -im not recommending that anyone get high for school, its probably not a good idea.
  3. WOW!!!

    Dude! that just totally made me think of shit in high school!!!

    that is chill that the teacher was kickback about it but i would keep it safe man, if you make it through college and smoke the whole way your life just kicks shit man...

    I am from socal and i know for sure that some of my teachers smoked out
  4. goin to class ripped after lunch is the best way to kill time...i always got pot and same wit all my buddies...skool was jks
  5. ha i always went out for lunch with a couple of friends and we only had a haldf n hour lunch so i usually grabbed some food then hit up the car n by the time we made it out of town to smoke we had like maby 5 mineuts of token time so it was jsut a power toke on a big ol blunt... i rolled into psyc class and the teach usually could spot when i was high.... fucking buzz kill he was hed make all like we were going to do some excersize er ya know just do something learning wize that wasnt reading out of a book and he loved picking on me so i was usually the example but when i started coming high hed make all like we were doing one and bring me out into the hall way and ihed mbe like just wate here a second.. well 20 mineuts later id sick my head back in and say can i come in now... the answer was always just one more mneut..... oh that pissed me off and if i left from right outside the door hed mark me absent and id get detention for dat shit.. stupid fucking teachers :p
  6. Close call there, consider yourself lucky.
  7. im sure my boss knew i wqas high yesterday.....came back from my break high as hell......i was so paranoid thought everyone was looking at me...
  8. Your teacher sounds cool. I never had a cool teacher until my GED classes.
  9. I love being high in work, it makes work go so much more faster :)
  10. Yea it sucks taking shit into skools because you get all pariond and think that everyone is going to find out or you are going to drop it or something.

    Once this skool year i forgot i had but about a 1/2baggy in my messenger bag's little front pocket thingy to hide it from my parents taking it inside.... the next day i reach in the pocket to grab in easer and without thinking i pull out the bag about an inch and realized that i had my baggie in my hand... so i put it back like nothing happend and looked around as SLYLY as possible to see if i was caught... i wasn't... the teach was out of the room and the rest of the class was busy with a test... So the rest of the day i kept freaking out about it being in my bag... Then my DUMB ASS doesn't take it out for about 3 days.... man am i stupid

  11. Yeah, me too. Got no regular job, but I often work the nightshift several places. One of them, after 1:00 everyone's asleep and I can toke till the morning. Getting paid while being high- just love it
  12. My first period teacher is chill with me coming into class blazed. It's English Honors so all we do is discuss literature, and when I am high I always have more interesting stuff to say. Plus I get really into it when all blazed, it's entertaining. When I am not blazed 1st period I usually just sleep.

    I know my teacher knows because we cruise to school with blunts usually, and we always reak like pot. My teacher came up to me one day and started talking about how she thought pot should be legal, and how paper should be made from hemp.
  13. i know what ya fell when ya heart stops for 30 sec. ..lol

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