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if i change my lights back to 24/7 from 12/12 can my female turn male?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by ihatepigs420, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. I only have one female and i want to clone her...soo i want to veg her and the clones....at the same time.......but shes in 12/12 right now will it hurt to change them back? by the way only 7 days into flowering
  2. o ya how can I re-veg her once i get her buds.......Do i just cut the shoots off and leave just the main stem or wut
  3. you could reveg if you do it now... if they are healthy it shouldn't turn hermie on you... but as for waiting for buds then reveging is a bad idea for a novice grower the buds will rot that are left on the plant and taking them off will probably kill the plant.... its possible just very hard to accomplish
  4. Go ahead and switch the plant back to VEG and take some cuttings .....don't worry about hermi's if she switches gender on Ya' (which she most likely won't) that Pheno is unstable and should be culled anway.
    My girlz go straight from 12/12 to clipping table and then right in 24/0 in 26 years of growing I have never had one hermi from it....does not matter if they are 7 days or 7 weeks into flowering :wave:

  6. like i said it can be done with experience when theres heavy buds on the plant leaving too much on will kill it as it no longer has a need for them leaving sites for mold... take too much and you killed it for obvious reasons... based on my growing experience i tried it a few years back and the buds rotted
  7. thx dr.green im gonna switch them and take atleast 2-3 clones of her now.....is that about right? and then im gonna switch back to 400 watt mh bulb and im gonna have the clones wit the mother..and wen the clones are rdy flower them all...plus i flimmed this fem at 3 weeks so its got about 5 huge tops....and look very healthy very thick stems......If i just cut them off her and dip them in gel then stick them in soil they should be ok right?
  8. Well thats kinda how ya' do it .... :laughing:

    I would not try soil for your first time...it's up 2 you
    Do you have any Perlite?
    There are alot less things to attack the cuttings before they become clones.
    For the first time I would use 100% Perlite,Wool cubes,coco plugs or 50/50 Perlite/Vermiculite and a 100% humidity enviroment until they root and don't mist them.
    Good Luck :bongin:
  9. Right on....that comes from Exp.
    I have always kept the humidity down in the re-veg area and have not encountered that .....but that is good for everyone to know :)
  10. ok thx....I'm gonna order some cubes or wut not from htg then...

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