If i can clone basil can i clone weed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dirtystall, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. hello people,
    i have managed in the past few days to take a clone off an outdoor basil plant, root it using the plain water method, then planted in dirt 5-7 days later.

    they are now outside next to there mom and i took 5 more clones.

    the question im asking is would you find a basil plant comparable to marijuana in growing characteristics when it comes to cloning? they grow like crazy and produce big flowers if you let them.

    just practicing for later on in life


    psss i tried cloning some other plants, tomato and some viney house plant, they were growing roots but it was taking forever.
  2. you may even be able to graft canabis to basil as you can with hops.now you got me thinkin...

  3. Grafting only works between plants of the same family. Which basil and weed are not.

    But one method of taking clones of MJ is just like what you describe. And when I take clones is the only time I ever use lights. Minifluoro 18/6 until they have rooted.
  4. I woul use a rooting hormone, just to be safe. because every MJ plant is precious. i have a pic of my clones in my grow room journal below. Peace, TBug
  5. thanks for some serious replys guys, my ultimate goal is to build a bubble cloner,

    i would love to have things set up as automatic as possible when it comes too cloning.


    psss, the basil clone i took is friggin huge, this stuff really is a weed.

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