If I came to America...

Discussion in 'General' started by kutabuds, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Not knowing anyone, would it be fairly easy for me to find buds, like just walk into the nearest high school and ask around or what?

    I want to go to America for a little bit, but my only fear is not being high.
  2. http://www.philipscheel.net/facepalm.jpg

    I honestly don't know what to say.

    "Easy as Apple Pie coming right down off the window sill..."
  3. yea I'd say its pretty easy
    if you know english which it looks like your good to go:)
  4. Oh golly, I must say, that is rather swell.

    What about other drugs like biccies?

    And seeing as your drinking age is 21, is it still easy to get drinks at eighteen? Would most bottleshops and clubs/pubs even care?
  5. Most pubs are going to care, and you certainly don't want to go walking into a school and ask people unless you're a student there and get to know people.

    It's not that easy unless you make a few friends, but it's also not an impossible task.
  6. What if I went doorknocking lolol

    (you don't need to answer that, though I would probably resort to such extremes after about 4.5 hours.)
  7. Nah you cant get shit at 18 in bars or liquor stores, maybe a gas station if you get lucky and look over 21. I was buying beer since I was 18 at stores around here, just because I look older than I am. As for bud goes, scout out the city your in, ask a cabbie if your in the city to tell you where the urban areas are, go there, say in Atlanta my city, there is a place called lil 5 points, if you look you will see the dealers there, its not hard if you got the eye for it. And, most of the time if you look the part of a stoner, they will walk up to you and offer you some of the best shit you will ever get in your life.
  8. I'd go to a university instead of a high school. lol

    other than that check out this site.

  9. They sell alcohol in petrol stations? Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk I'm moving to the states.

  10. Yeah bro, but theres just to many fucking regulations now days, you cant buy alchohol on sundays, cant buy it before like 8 am it sucks balls when you wake up and just go fuck today im getting drunk and smokeing myself stupid and not gonna give a fuck. Those days when theres nothing to do, and you just get to relax. And, then you cant get beer.
  11. That's good I don't wake up before 8am anyway, and I don't drink beer:) Plus I heard yours is weak.

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