If Households Budgeted like the G.O.P.

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  1. what would be the Democrats? "Honey we're out of money" MAKE MORE PROMISES AND SPEND MORE! At least of the 2 Ryans budget is -somewhat- sensible
  2. Lol @ any government budget being sensible.

    Ron Paul's plan to cut 1 trillion in one year is sensible. Anything the D's or R's come up with is anything but.
  3. Democrats certainly have their faults also. That is why it is so important that both parties work together to implement their best ideas and cancel out the bad one. The Republican party has spent the last four years doing absolutely nothing but opposing Democratic legislation and appointments. Little to no effort to compromise. Doing this has been bad for the country.

    All I ask of anyone who will be voting in the next election is to look at the facts. They really speak for themselves. I use to vote Republican sometimes - no more. The party has been co-oped by right wing religious fundamentalists.

    Facts - have the Republicans passed or helped pass ANY legislation that created jobs in the last four years? No! Evidence? The voting record here:

    Republican Job Creation • Keeping Millions Unemployed To Put One Man Out of Work
  4. Lol again.

    Obama and his policies have set this county up for the biggest economic collapse in our history. The government can't create jobs, other than wasteful useless ones. The only thing the government can do to create real productive jobs is to STOP interfering in the economy. Interest rates must rise, liquidation of bad debt must take place, bank failures must be allowed, etc. Barring that scenerio the government is just making things worse. Doesn't matter if the D's had the house and senate, or if the R's do. Both their policies are equally destructive.
  5. Let's not kid ourselves, none of our elected "representatives" gives a shit about us. They are too busy stepping and fetching for their corporate owners. And when I say "none" i mean Dem or Rep....

  6. Someone's been watching a little too much democratic propaganda eh?

    Republican's haven't been voting for those "job creation" bills because they're BULLSHIT. It's not true job creation, it's wasting taxpayer money in order to make the government bigger!

    "creating" 1,000 new government jobs does not help the economy at all, it hurts the economy! Because where does the billions of dollars come from to "create" those jobs? That's right, taxpayer money (that we don't have!) and deficit spending from China.

    I won't even get into the big government bail outs (buy-outs) that Obama and his administration have pushed through! Billions and billions of dollars to Chrysler, GM, and the rest of the Obama-friends that have donated and continue to donate to his campaign.

    I'm not a republican, but I'm certainly not a democrat either. In my experience republicans (middle class, not the super-rich) actually care more about the good of the country and are much more able to look at the LONG-TERM BIG PICTURE, then democrats whose general philosophy is "let's give out as much money as possible right now!" with absolutely no foresight about how it will affect the country in the future.

    It's sad, because I believe 95% of the (voting) population actually has good intentions and somewhat good hearts, they're just, well.... gullible? stupid?

    Probably a little of both.. I will miss the old America, even though I barely got to taste it. Perhaps one day there will be the rebirthing of freedom this country so desperately needs.

  7. ^^ Truth.

  8. I want facts sir! If you look at what happened, it is really the reverse of what you just stated. The country was bankrupt after 8 years of Bush and Obama helped turn this around without going into another Great Depression.

    I agree that we are going to eventually head into economic problems, but not because of Obama. First we are headed there because the Repbulicans are WAY more focused on religious issues that economic (did you read my link?). Second is because our economic system is based on the false assumption that we have unlimited resources.

  9. Learn economics instead of listening to political rhetoric.

    We are IN a depression now. Obama has continued the same failed policies as Bush. You are blinded by party allegiance.

    The economy isn't turning around. The only jobs created are service sector jobs created by going into debt. Look at the trade deficit, it proves that fact.

    The economy is hanging on by a thread, that thread being ultra low interest rates, the lowest in our history.

    Inflation is very high, unemployment is very high, real GDP is contracting, stocks are being artificially propped up by low interest rates and heavy inflation (their gains are illusory), etc. I could go on and on.

    Bush/Obama is just like Hoover/FDR. Just like Hoover made the depression worse, then FDR turned it into a Great Depression, Bush made the depression worse, now Obama is making it another Great Depression. The parallels are exact.
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    Obama's policies are prolonging the downturn, just as Hoover and FDR's interventionism prolonged the depression.

    Bad debt must be liquidated (ie. bailouts), and the US has to stop spending more then it takes in every year, as this weakens the purchasing power of our dollar, pushing everyone's cost of living higher and higher, whilst wages lag far behind these increases.

    Please don't get caught up in this Republican vs Democrat garbage, both parties are bought and paid for by the same banking interests. They have the same foreign policy, the same monetary policy, and they both love to spend money that doesn't exist in your name.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40hNSJEKUgo]Gas Prices Explained - YouTube[/ame]

  11. First, I have a minor in economics. I run a business and do all of my own books and payroll.

    Second, I am a registered independent who has often voted Republican in the past.

    Third, as most of your conservative colleagues continue to do you make statements with NO FACTS to back them up. Sorry, man, you might be a nice person but I have absolutely no respect for anyone that can not back up their statements with facts.

    You state that the economy is not recovering? It seems that most economists would disagree with you:

    Survey of Americans and Economists on the Economy - Toplines/Survey - Kaiser Family Foundation

    What is one of the reasons listed in that survey for the economy doing so poorly? NOT unemployment but the gap between the rich and the poor. Which is a direct result of Republican policies.

    Now, if you want to debate this - please include FACTS and the documentation to back them up. If you can not then please just sit in the corner quietly like a good boy.
  12. Marsdude, is there a reason you chose not to respond to my post?

    Jw :smoke:
  13. LOL @ Lay Low posting without facts.
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vcd5IO_LMBs]Don't believe the hype -- the U.S economy is not recovering, it's getting sicker. - YouTube[/ame]

    Watch and learn.
  15. All i do is watch those bears

  16. Sorry I actually did not see it.

    Actually, I don't know how to respond. Once again, to link to any facts just accusations.

    We are so far apart, what you said about the Dems I would have said the same thing about the Republicans. The only difference here is I can prove it, can you? If you can my friend, link away!

    Although I am being accused of believing rhetoric, I am the only one who is backing up his statements with FACTS! I am seeking truth no party bullshit. Truth is found by uncovering FACTS.

    So folks, if you disagree - come at me with well researched thought out rebuttals instead of unsubstantiated crap.
  17. See: here, and here.

  18. Hhahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahaahahah.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlKL_EpnSp8]Read a Book (Dirty Version) - YouTube[/ame]

    I suggest you start here:

    http://library.mises.org/books/Friedrich A Hayek/Collectivist Economic Planning.pdf
  19. What exactly do you want proof of?

    That spending taxpayer money to create government jobs isn't good for the economy? Do I really have to explain that to an economics minor? God bless the school system- teaching kids how to not think for themselves since 1969.

    Governments don

    Or maybe you wanted proof of the big government bail-outs and how they do nothing but pro-long the inevitable depression and make it worse?

    Video - News Hub: Did Big Government Bailouts Work? - WSJ.com

    Now personally I think it's better to THINK FOR YOURSELF rather than just sit back and watch video's, so let's do a little guided self-thinking for a minute.

    If you have a failing company because of their own bad financial policy, how is it a good idea to give that company BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to spend however they want??? Especially when you have to BORROW that money from China!

    How is that any different from what caused the first great depression (borrowing money from banks to invest, and then losing all the money when the market crashed)

    Please tell me how that's good for economy

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