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if heads cost the same as mids....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by king8128, May 7, 2011.

  1. id be the happiest man in the world :hello:
  2. and if a lambo cost the same as a toyota everyone would have a lambo.

    ....whats your point?
  3. my point is heads shldnt cost like 3 times the price as mids....shits ridiculous ...and cars arnt weed so dont make the comparison takes a lil bit more to make a car then to grow some kush
  4. Noone here believes in true mids. To them, shwag is mids, everything else is dank so shwag is about 25/8th and dank and mids share the same price of 20/gram. It pisses me off that when I call a well formed and trimmed bud with absolute minimal tric's mids, they bitch at me that its good shit.
  5. Well why would you want to pay the same price for something that's not as great?
  6. ^ i wldnt? lol obv mids and schwag would be cheaper if heads was cheaper......
  7. I believe in mids. When I get schwag it's 25 a quarter and it's usually compacted and has seeds and stems and smells earthy.. When I get mids it's about 30-35 a quarter (not compacted) and it's just buds with very little seeds and has a nice smell, but not the best. Which is mid-grade to me. Now dank to me is 60/8th (my area...) and has NO seeds, and the buds reek and it tastes amazing and it's usually 1-3 hits and I'm good for a couple hours.
  8. so my bad if that title is confusing so i see why u said that
  9. buy in bulk....makes shit least with my dealer....can get a cut of heads for like 45
  10. #10 ihugtrees, May 7, 2011
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    the amount of money time and effort put into growing heads versus what you put into growing mids is where your extra money goes man
    a lot of the good good strains are bred for thc production and that's it. the heartiness is bred right out of them. it's like purebred dogs.

    and people expect something specific with good heads. if your mids tastes a little off, eh whatev
    if your heads wasn't flushed properly, for example, unless you're selling to ignorant people, you're not gonna get top dollar. a lot of mids is just heady crops that people fucked up

    and clearly you haven't grown some kush dude, or seen a car get slapped together
  11. When it comes to unregulated free markets, the seller is obligated to put as high a price on their commodity as you're willing to pay. You get what you pay for in most cases and marijuana falls under the category of most cases. "Heads" will never cost the same as "mids" simply because more people put a higher value on "heads" rather than "mids". The seller is automatically assuming that you will pay 75 dollars for an eighth of some "fire" and that's why the price it is. Not all people will think that good weed costs that much for an eighth, but many do.

    In reality, marijuana shouldn't cost that much because of how much it costs to grow... Once you've got your set up in place, it's dirt cheap to grow.
  12. OP, you worded the title correctly. You wish dank prices were as low as mids.
  13. The money and time put into making a really nice plant cost more than the time and money it does to make mids.

    Thusfore the dealer is trying to make more money he got back, otherwise he would grow all his weed shitty and sell it for the same price.

    So simply...if you think shitty grown mids that the grower doesnt care about should cost as much as some dank that uses more organic chemicals and fertilizer then your crazy.
  14. but 3 times the price is a bit steep....double the price would be fine
  15. like they dont make enough money as it is lol
  16. If you really wanted to save you'd find a grower to buy directly from. if you have strong will power, you could really save money on weed.

  17. have you heard of an analogy?
  18. If heads cost the same as mids, the world would be a better place mannn.:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  19. Grow your owns headies and it will be CHEAPER than mids.
  20. ill smoke mids. but i wont stoop to schwag

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