if he loves me, why does he try to get with other girls?

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  1. i just dont get it. i think i am too nice.
    in 5 days me and my boyfriend will have been dating for 3 months.
    he logged into facebook from my phone and didnt sign out.
    i didnt realize this and thought i was on my own page. i opened up my inbox and i see all these message from females! thats when i realize its his page
    well i read some of the message and guess what? THE WHOLE TIME WE'VE BEEN DATING HE HAS BEEN MESSAGING GIRLS ON FB.
    some of the message are harmless hey whats up, but the recent ones hes giving advice to, telling them to break up with their men and give him a try. one of them he even told she looks like the ideal woman for him!
    mean while he tells me he loves me and that I am the best thing that happend to him. i know its only been 3 months but hes even talked about marriage. we are early 20's
    my parents like him, his parents like me and he seems really genuine when he says he loves me and all that great stuff
    so why is he on FB trolling for ass?

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  2. Men love ass, it's in our brain codes...handed down from many generations. I have no idea how to answer your question, but it's probably time to move on.
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  3. i would say i love him too, but it hasnt become that forever love. so a break up wouldnt be so emotionally wrecking. im thinking thats what i need to do. thank you for replying @mention
    i duno why he even asked me to be his GF, like wtf dude. if you want to have all these options have them! why lie like its just me and you? ugh...
  4. i mean thank you bubbs!
  5. Yeah don't think you aren't an ideal girl or watnot. Men are horny animals and thats a fact
    On a side note have you been serving him?if you know what I mean...like sexually?
    if not, that may be so. I am not the person to tell you whether or not you should leave him, but talk to him about it at least :/
    It may be love, it may not be, from what you're telling me it just sounds like you're deeply infatuated with this dude. Just keep your head up, guys lie when they're dirt, sorry to say but he doesn't care that much if he's doing that.
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  7. yeah ive learned after all these years that most of the time its not anything the girl did, and thank you guys for reminding me.
    i really dont think this is my fault espcecially when he says he loves me, im the best thing that happened to him, hes thankful for me everyday. he has no complaints about me except that im mean sometimes. he says we were meant to be together
    as far as serving him, the sex has been slackign in the last 2 weeks b/c my birth control has been messing with my cycle but usually i am as freaky as they come.
    i wanan confront but wont he just lie?
  9. walk away. coming from a guys perspective, if he's putting effort into other girls and not all of his effort into you, then it just wont work and i wouldn't be surprised if he were to cheat on you in the future. best of luck
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  10. Cause he a pimp, shiieeettt
  11. It's not your fault at all, from the sounds of it this guy just seems in it for sex to be honest. Probably is still a guy, not a man, and doesn't know what it is like to be in love and would rather lie and use people, it's a shame they have to put others like me down.
    If you confront him, 5 bucks says he's going to try to flip the table on you and make you the bad guy...but don't take it, stand your ground girl and speak your mind.
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  12. He doesn't love you. Dump him and move on because it's not going to end well.
  13. This won't end well
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    it's easier to get ass when you have a girlfriends. girls love to hook up with a guy that is in a relationship.  so i'd blame women
    of topic, kind of but
    monogamy is not natural
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  15. Sounds like he is playing you.
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    You're only three months in?  Can you imagine marrying him and spending years with this knowledge?  You will never be able to trust him and you will be completely stressed out which (of course) will strain the marriage.  Save yourself a messy divorce.  Dump him.
    Just a quick question regarding culpability, was he with someone when he hooked up with you?     
  17. LOL @ 3 months, but you should probably (guaranteed, 100% 1/1) dump his sorry mother fucking "I'm going to flirt with girls on FB even though I already have a girlfriend - making me a total faggot.
    Yeah, dump him, sista.
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  18. Says alot about what the thoughts that this guy hides from you.  I personally think people our age (I'm 19 btw) should only be in relationships if they're genuinely IN it.  Because as everyone else keeps saying, we're all looking for potential mates/we're in the prime of our sex drive/etc. so maybe the guy your with isn't ready to settle down. Sorry about your situation op  :bongin:
  19. It's only been 3 months and he's talked about marriage? Sounds like he's just telling you what he thinks you wanna hear to get what he wants. You shouldn't waste your time with a tool who isn't as serious about the relationship as you. He's gonna play you as long as you let him.
    I can't believe he actually did that on your phone, what a douche, and a stupid one at that.

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