If everyone on the planet was exactly like you what would the world be like?

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    In my case, it would be a very good place.
  2. really high
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  4. Sexy beasts
  5. There would be a multinational holiday where everyone in the world plays the floor is lava.
  6. like dopplegangers? we'd all be dead when we hit 80 then what? lol
  7. :laughing: /thread
  8. longest sex train that circles the earth like 40 times starting from the n. pole and wrapping itself til it reached the south pole.
  9. The world would be dead, because we'd all be men.
  10. [​IMG]

    Pretty much sums it up.
  11. We would have reached the next stage of evolution by now and we would have superpowers
  12. whimsical. silly. rock and roll.
  13. Mature for its age, with the knowledge and will to save the world, but being brought down by the most personal of vices. Possibly schizophrenic in the future, but with self-analytical properties to its actions, almost a 3rd person perspective in addition to ones own life. You could say watching and critiquing a movie while being the lead actor. Destined for greatness, and determined to share the greatness that is, LSD-25

    Thank you
  14. Technomages.
  15. We would be at the stage of transhumanism, flying around in hyperdimensional space and getting shit done like a boss.

  16. actually you probably wouldn't get shit done because everyone would think exactly the same so there would be no innovation. Pretty much if one of you hit a dead end you all would.
  17. Transhumanism would allow the option to program thought process amongst many other things. We would all be alike, but at the same time we would be very different.

  18. So string theory and multiple worlds theories combined and whatnot? Thats madness man, where do you sign up for that one? I know about chakra meditation, but from all my most trusted sources I've heard nothing about astral projection other than it being bad for ones' personal soul perhaps at that time or in the future. Is it a higher-dimensional kind of thing? A pervading superfluous excess of everything? Or just an infinitely existing situational universe pertaining to ones' own conscious life? Yet while all existing in the same sort of higher dimensional thing that was first mentioned? Hmm, I like where you're going with that, let me know how its going. I'll just enjoy these mints for now but I sure am thirsty, if only I could find a vial
  19. Not a single fuck would be given, at any point in time.
  20. Dragons and unicorns for ALL

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