If everyone on earth smoked weed

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Lucid_Reality, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Just a thought, don't post a disagreement...If you don't agree, just laugh cause it's funny :)

    There'd be no war, no fighting, just peace!
    Think about it, if everyone on earth smoked weed, no one would have the ambition to blow the crap out of anyone else!

    Essentially, weed could save the world :)


    Good god...i'm not even high! :)
  2. I'm posting in agreement...not laughing...well, just a bit but at you not your thought and only for the "GANJA TO THE RESCUE!!!" thing....I envisioned a big ass bud wearing a cape.

    Yeah, if everyone on Earth got high, things would be more peaceful. :)
  3. hehe, let's make a new superhero :)

  4. I had a dream about that once. i drew a picture on the back of a note book. i'll see if i can find it.:)
  5. If evereyone smoked weed on Earth...

    There would be haze in the sky...

    Off course we wouldn't have war or any troubles... I mean have you ever see two stoners fight... It's over munchies or something and it goes like this....

    Stoner1 :
    HeY! You! Where's my shit?

    Stoner 2 :
    " Yeah ..... "

    Stoner 1 :
    "HeY! HeY! You gonna pass that....

    Moral of the fight we have much more important things to worry about than who has more shit... And we don't like things that involve the chance of getting blown up or shot... Of course that last remark might be my own opinion...
  6. Imagine all the incredible music and art that would be around...
  7. The world would quit turning, and we would all starve!!!!

    We would be smoking instead of working!!!
  8. that would be cool no one would do anything but lie on the couch and stare at static on their tv. there would be static because no one would be doing any shows, and nothing would get done ever, but i would like to see the world try a few months under that system
  9. well if you think about it, marijuana does not in fact make people 'lazy'. they will still do the stuff that NEEDS to be done (usually). they will simply realize what work is not *worth* doing. :) so perhaps people will be calmer and happier with a less stressful world :)
  10. long have i held the beleif that one day cannabis can once again save the world.

    ...remember, it's only the last 70 years of cannabis's long history that it has been persecuted and prohibited.
  11. hey lucid, i love your sig! just wanted to say i think it is clever
  12. The world would be fundamentally different if everyone smoked...I agree with Lucid...i smoke before school, before practice, before games, before everything...it calms ppl down and when they are not high they dont need it to regain that calmness...The world would be different yes, and the arguement is wether ppl would accpet the change or not.

  13. more people would accept it if the government didn't use scare tactics...
  14. Note the word TACTIC...a tactic is something used to help carry out a strategy, for cannabis to become non-taboo and accpeted would take such a monumental change it would take generations, but hey we are the second almost third one's right now...keep working and dont be stupid when you blaze and this dream will become closer to reality!

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