If everyone came from Adam and Eve

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    aren't we all a product of incest.
  2. no but maybe incest :hello:
  3. Thats why all you fine ass white females should fuck black dudes cause we came from monkeys. No family business goin on there...

  4. yeah but so did those fine ass white womenz, so youre an incestuous MoFo :ey:

    but yeah, there are so many flaws with the bible. I would say by the third generation of offspring there would have been hands growing out of heads and the like.

    i guess the bible is pushing for interfamily breeding, keeping the faith "pure" its all a bunch of bullshit if you ask me.
  5. It seems that's how it worked.

    "It would have been proper at that time, since the Earth's population was relatively sparse, and the human race was to be proliferated according to God's purpose. It was only later that God made the restriction not to marry one's own sister or brother."

    Doesn't sound as ludicrous as to say I came from a fish or ape.
  6. My outlook, the biological evolutionary view, has us also from an incestuous linage.

    You look at some of the population bottlenecks in our past and it becomes quite clear that some in-breeding has occurred.

    An interesting activity put forward in "A Short History of Nearly Everything", is to try to calculate how many people were required to copulate for your existence. Before you get to the Roman Empire, you already have a figure larger than the current population of humans.

    Now, the proximity of the in-breeding and genetic drift are important to consider. It's not inbreeding the way we commonly think of it.
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    errr dust wasn't it??

    But what's more likely that we, a hydro-carbon based lifeform would be formed from another similar lifeform or dust? When you think we share 99.4% of the most critical DNA sites with chimps and not too many with dust of the ground (unless a very naughty chimp had got there first.)

    But hey whats an opinion:D

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