If every toker in the world ever got together...

Discussion in 'General' started by Miklelottesen, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. ...we should somehow buy our own fucking country and start a democratic government with a constitution based on legal cannabis and based on every value cannabis stands for. How fucking sweet would that be? :smoke:
  2. sounds like you need to get the ideas rolling in a direction.
  3. fuck it. an island would be the shit.
  4. i remember an epic thread a while back called like grasscity island or some shit...was pretty much the same concept
  5. Im pretty sure if every toker in the world got together we wouldn't have to buy an island to get dope legalized.

  6. We might not be able to legalize it due to the island still being part of whatever government it came from and thus subject to its laws. But monetarily, yes I think we would definitely have enough if all the tokers combined.

    I remember the grasscity island to, if only :(
  7. I just thought about how having your own country would be an excellent way to escape the governments controlling, imprisoning grasp and the ideas started to flow (also, marijuana helped ;)). But it would certainly be the happiest country in the world :smoke:

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