If every human were to die at the same time, would it be a positive occurrence?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by coalman23, May 7, 2011.

  1. Lets say, theoretically, that every single human being were to die at the same exact instance.
    No suffering, no pain, no feeling.
    Is this a positive or negative event, for the balance of the universe, or our earth, etc.
  2. neutral, i'd say.

    Excluding the fact that any "death" is sad

  3. I think it's a positive. I'm going to wait until people give their input first, to explain why.
  4. If it happened than it must be perfect.

  5. Elaborate dawg.
  6. great news for certain species (and maybe all species/the planet), but to the universe we are nothing.
  7. no i wanna feel death.
  8. I'd say it would be nothing. Maybe good overall...

    See, with death comes a great amount of life. A bird dies, and provides life to bacteria/insects/scavengers.

    Every time something dies the number of things that benefit from it are always greater than the number of losses.

    But what is better? A few billion destructive creatures with conscious thoughts, or billions upon billions of mindless insects.

  9. I think it's a positive for earth, AND for US.

    I would rather have neutrality than a lopsided spectrum with a small percentage of extreme happiness, and a large percentage of people striving to meet a standard of living they can not reach given their environment, setting, resources, etc.
  10. Tao Te Ching verse 29:

  11. It would be beautiful lol :D

  12. Well, there are an infinite number of conscious minds out their. I'm saying for earth, and for us. (and maybe our universe, i'm not quite sure what I mean.)
  13. I don't see the positivity for us. It is quite negative for us, as everything we have is taken away. Balancing the good with the bad is mostly about a person's state of mind, unless they are unfortunate. Born as a slave, for example... but even that person has more than a dead person. Still, a slave could choose to highlight the positive aspects of his situation and not despair as much as his neighbor, or he could remember that he can terminate his slavery whenever he can locate something to make a "rope" out of.

    The people who are trying to achieve unrealistic goals can improve their situation by giving up on those pursuits. They have more than dead people, they have the ability to revise their choices and revisit their priorities. We might not like their choices, but who are we to say they should die for them?

    Because we are selfish, we presume the planet is ours and we get dibs on everything, so for that reason our presence is a negative to the planet (although whether it's to a significant degree is debatable imo) and therefore our deaths would be a gain for the planet.

  14. But you see, I'm not sure if I stressed that none of us feel this death. WE jsut vanish, no feeling. Nothingness, that said I don't see how this can be positive or negative, because nothingness has no label. And IMO nothingness is better than a balance of happiness and sadness.

  15. Is it, now?

    Would a perfect balance not be bliss?
  16. Suppose there was a universal virus that caused humans to die.

    And it spread around the globe, causing everyone to die.


    Now I can imagine a bit better...


    OK, let's see... would it be a good thing, or a bad thing...

  17. This defeats the purpose of my post. According to most, even if it was positive, the suffering that the virus places upon us would not be worth.

    We all die, (theoretically speaking) at the same exact time, with no pain or suffering. Good or bad? For us, and the universe?
  18. I couldn't imagine humans all dying at the same time, so I had to suppose a scenario, in which such event could be closely simulated.

    But if you say that defeats the purpose of your thread, then I'll have to rethink.



    So we all dropped and died at the same time.


    Would it be a positive or a negative, for us, and for the universe...
  19. Then things would go back to normal... :)
  20. For us, it would be a bad thing.

    And for the universe, it would mean... also a bad thing.

    Coz it's never a good thing for a specie to go extinct...

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