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if edibles work or dont' work fo you.......POLL

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ElectricJW, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Many people here swear they get high off a 1g firecracker (for example), while others (like me) won't. TOlerance is a big key, along w/ proper preparation.

    So vote in the poll, and its basically gonna see your tolerance level (smoke sometimes, or everyday all day smoker 10+yrs, etc) compared to how edibles affect you.

    **Note, I know that its how to get reliable results since everyone's edibles is going to be different. Now if say someone like BadKitty could make a shit ton of some cannaoil and we try that, it would be a lil more scientific.
  2. I've always wonder about the ppl who would get high off a 1g firecracker. I'm not saying they dont work,but I've wondered what their tolerance level was, b/c 1g firecracker has yet work for me.
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    your voting options are bad.

    I vape every day and smoke occasionally and 1g of dank in well made edibles will destroy me every time. Hell, even half will do me in for a good amount of hours

    also, don't make firecrackers then, make it with pure (coconut)oil or butter instead of something only contain 30% fat and was coocked for only 20 minutes. Firecrackers work, but there are way better edibles out there

  4. I agree with Jezn, I am a little too stoned and distracted right now to come up with alternate choices, but these ones aren't so hot.
  5. There is a HUGE misconception that a firecracker is a 'real edible', or that they are the same thing as any properly made edible...

    They are not, a firecracker doesn't even come close. :)

    With these 'quickie' edibles, where you just toss the herb in and hope for the best, you are sacrificing HUGE amounts of potency, in exchange for the simplicity, speed and potential stealth of the process.

    In a firecracker, you're using a solvent, that is less than half fat and is contaminated with peanut solids and trace amounts of water. And more than half the time, the recipes don't even suggest decarbing.

    The oil that peanut butter contains, even in its purest form is inferior to even clarified butter, and it is especially inferior to oils such as the MCT containing coconut and palm kernel oils! :(

    Edible cannabis can be much more powerful than smoking the same material, but it's all in the processing.

    Cut corners, and you'll start needing to multiply the amount you need to achieve the desired effect! For a long time I thought I had edible immunity as well. I have a digestive disorder that prevents me from absorbing as efficiently as a 'normal' person, everything from pharmaceutical medications, the nutrition in food, and cannabis glandular material.
    Years, and years ago, I'd make batches of cookies and cupcakes that rocked my friends and patients socks off (functioning according to the old water-butter and pure-butter recipes), even those patients and friends who smoked more than I did at the time, but I'd eat three to five times as much as I'd smoke, and feel next to nothing. :(

    Thankfully we've learned a TON about the way cannabis reacts to the 'edible solvents' we use in the last few decades, and how it then interacts with our absorptive tissues, once it enters our tract in the form of a proper 'solution'!

    It's all in the processing, some people absorb much more easily than others, but the same tips that helps those of us with inferior absorption, can 'intensely intensify' (as one patient likes to say :p ) the experience, and create multiple extra doses for those folks who never even had trouble with their edibles, that they knew of, to begin with!

    It's why we have so much dosage discrepancy, and so many failed edibles stories.. activation, processing, and the quality of your ingredients, it all matters. :)
  6. Yeah I know my options are bad, but I'm too high right now to come up w/ more.

    Yeah I konw the fire cracker way isn't that good, but I here ppl say it kicked their ass. And some of them dont decarb and still only cook for 30 mins. This has and never will work for me.
  7. wheres the "smokes like a demon but still gets baked off edibles" option?
  8. Don't worry, you're not alone.. I've never had a firecracker do anything for me, and after experimenting and tripling my smoking dose and still feeling nothing (keeping in mind that I need the same, to a hair less than I smoke, in oil form) I grew tired of wasting my herb for the sake of proving something I already knew! :)

    I have and know of maybe two, or three patients that those type of edibles work for, for certain.. but they are all somewhat frail and have quite low tolerances, the crackers still take much longer to kick in and require that they use more material (which many of the people I work with can't afford to spare).
  9. I don't know what a "firecracker" is except it has peanut butter and from what I've heard it doesn't qualify as a serious edible. I have been a heavy pot user for 42 years, everyday, all day and night if possible. Until I learned how to make them myself, edibles didn't do much for me. Now that I have learned the tricks and have the means, I get off like a rocket and am beginning to like it almost as much as smoking. Sometimes more, depending. If you have trouble digesting, I have a honey elixir I made that will send you to the ozone within minutes if held under the tongue a few seconds.
  10. To address a sidebar issue thats come up here;

    firecrackers are real edibles folks. But dozens of the recipes followed to make them are bogus. Im a daily smoker with a fair tolerance, but still .8 to 1g of mids in a firecracker has me ridin the wave. Potently.

    then again ive had various edibles claiming to have a gram or 1.5 that did absolutely nothing

    preparation is everything.
  11. I don't really like your poll self-rating system - it implies that the longer one smokes for in their life the more they use weed and the more tolerance they build.

    This not only gives me no place in which to identify myself out of your selections but it's also an assumption on your part that myself and others like me are less responsible people than we are, falling easily into addict like behaviour.

    There was only one category that I remotely fit into and only the underlined part.
    Also, if they're not properly cooked or prepared - Edibles won't work for ANYONE.

    I am 31. I have used weed for over 10 years.
    My only period of heavy use was sporadic periods between 19-23.
    After that I learned how to relax and no longer felt the need to be stoned out of my mind all the time, I feel that this is the time I truly started appreciating weed - It became less habitual and while I have occasions where I use it daily, we're still talking about one vapour bag and that's about it.
    There's times I'll have 2-3 bags across a whole day/night on a weekend, don't really like to do this on work days.
    I can have more, but I choose to moderate and know when to stop.
    Myself and my lady, and my group of friends aged within 1-2 years on either side of my age, are all employed and use responsibly.

    Edibles work fine.
    I've had firecrackers (can be terrifying) made with both fresh and postvaped bud.
    I've had cannabutter which can reach truly prolific heights I've yet to reach with anything else.
    I've also had butter/plant matter frozen and added to pastas, this is a much more chill buzz but a really nice way to relax. ha, and eat more.

    Your poll selections kind of imply that a person like me doesn't exist?
    ...Do you really see long term enthusiasts as just...that burnt out?
    Yeah sorry - I'm not, and I know I'm one among many...I don't mean to come across as being overly insulted by it or anything but it kind of struck a nerve a little bit with me man, so I responded accordingly - I just felt like I should point out that not all long term users just fall into super-routine smoke-all-the-time potheads.
    I'm in control of my usage, and I apologise if I got it wrong when I thought your post implied ignorance on your part...I mean I don't blame you, but yeah I think your perception on long term use may need some attention.

    Orright that's me done. Sorry if the rant derailed a bit and I hope my post explained where I'm coming from on the matter.
  12. I used to bake the edibles for a local dispensary, and they did nothing for me except give me a stomach ache.
    People would say, "I ate half an edible and I was so fucked up...."

    I was perpetually jealous as I couldn't achieve the same! If anything I would get a stomach ache.

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  13. I've had good success with firecrackers, but I agree with BKS that I prob could get more potency if I had the time and security to take it to the next level.

    I vape almost everyday. I usually use 4g of abv in my firecrackers and that gets me pretty baked when I eat one, which isn't all that often.

  14. They are not 'real' edibles, nor are they even in the minor leagues compared to proper edible oil!

    Again, I will reiterate: PURE peanut oil, is a TERRIBLE solvent.

    It has very little saturated fat, and it's comprised primarily of long-chain triglycerides. Terrible both for breaking down glandular material, AND for absorption.

    Peanut butter, with its trace amounts of water, and less than half fat content, is even worse. :wave:

    Most recipes for firecrackers do not even recommend decarbing.

    Those that finally do suggest it, still only recommend heating the decarbed herb in a cracker for 25 +/- minutes.... and the cracker, absorbs and pulls most of your oil away from the peanut butter, reducing its content further.

    By the time your cracker even warms up in the middle, it's already out of the oven.

    In 25 minutes, the middle of your cracker is barely reaching 190 - 200 f, if that... and all the while before that? It's much, much cooler!

    This is why they simply do not work for people whose bodies are accustom to the efficiency of a properly made edible oil, a firecracker simply can not keep up with an oils rapid and reliable delivery. And it is why they require so much more material, than a properly made oil, even for those people they 'work' for.

    There are much better toss-n-bake recipes, with higher, better fat contents, which can withstand much more heat without completely destroying the food components... meanwhile, firecrackers come out tasting pretty 'off' even with the little cook-time they've been given.

    To even think they are comparable to a properly made oil is ludicrous and only the result of being horribly misinformed! :smoke:
  15. I make mine using decarbed bud and peanut butter mixed with a lot of coconut oil. Works great
  16. #16 BadKittySmiles, Mar 23, 2012
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    It works 'ok'... for those with low tolerance and who don't know what they're missing! :hello:

    Adding coconut oil is certainly an improvement on the old recipe (and again you're no
    longer making a standard firecracker
    , if you're not following the firecracker recipe ;) ),
    but it's still barely scratching the surface when it comes to processing.

    The same material that gives you one adequate dose, could give you multiple, stronger,
    longer-lasting doses
    , with the correct level of processing. :)


    The below is an improved 'toss-n-bake' recipe, which allows for stealth, a much longer
    cooking time (40+ minutes), and as such it creates a MUCH more powerful and better
    tasting end product.

    And it STILL is simply not ideal, compared to a properly made oil!

    -Canna Fudge Cookie Sandwich, aka 'Kat Crackers'-


    (The below displays just how inferior peanut butter is, when used as your primary 'solvent')


    This shows how little transfer occurs, in a BETTER solvent, utilizing TWICE THE COOK
    TIME, than peanut butter firecrackers, with a combination of coconut oil, coconut butter,
    cacao bliss, and cocoa butter;

    In peanut butter, you have virtually NO TRANSFERAL of cannabinoids in the only 25 or so
    minutes they cook, and people still come out with burned crackers, and an ineffective




    This is coming from someone who educates clinics, and 'edible companies', who has over
    a decade of professional experience in the medical and recreational community beyond
    what I did during my earlier 'learning phase'. :)

    Have a read around, there's a lot to know! GrassCity, the other forums and google are all
    loaded with TONS of relevant, current, and up-to-date information on processing and
    The (potency/contamination analysis) labs also often have websites these days with
    similarly useful information. :smoke:
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    Badkitty, youre probably correct.

    however, from my experience, with 10 being a "i feel my herb has been used 100% efficiently based on how high i got" ,
    standard firecracker recipe 5,
    firecracker made using common sense and elementary knowledge of how to prepare marijuana for eating 9 - 9.3
    standard edible from batch 9.5 - 10

    i defend that properly made 'edibles' will be the best choice, but firecrackers can be a formiddable and awesome choice if you arent stupid. Sometimes im willing to sacrifice the difference between a 9.3 and a 9.5 for the ease of preparation of my single serve edible. When made right, the difference for me is always about the same as smoking a blunt vs smoking a blunt then taking a hit off a j. Nothing to write home about, and certainly nothing to stop you from enjoying a well made firecracker

    but usually i make bhang or tincture.
  18. Edibles get me smashed:O

  19. Firecrackers don't work for most patients, whose bodies are accustom to properly made oil. At all. Even with longer processing, until the cracker is disgusting.

    That's how inferior they are.

    They are 'formidable', but only for those with low tolerance, who rely in part on the placebo effect. It's just simple fact. Peanut butter is a supremely inferior solvent, PURE peanut oil, is an inferior solvent. Crackers, absorb most of your oil drawing it away from the herb while it cooks.

    If edibles were that easy to make, and make effective, we wouldn't have more than half the people following the very same recipes for firecrackers, coming in here wondering why twice the amount they usually smoke or eat in oil, doesn't do a thing for them in firecracker form.
    Patients who have a steady supply of properly made oil, can achieve stronger, longer-lasting effects, from a fraction of the amount that does nothing for them in firecracker form!

    This is coming from professionals, who teach the coffee shops, clinics, and the 'companies' who distribute edibles to medical facilities, how to make them.. firecrackers are just a joke for most patients, even when the recipe has been 'doctored up' or improved. :wave:
  20. Im a Pro, Ive only made edibles 2 times, the first time was with a quarter of reggs in like 8 cupcakes. That worked slightly. I made firecrackers with 0.5g each of beasters (didnt decarb) and they didn't do anything.

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