If Corporations Are People, One Can Be His Car Pool Buddy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pearl75, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I like this guy! I like his way of thinking, it's brilliant, yet so simple. He is challenging the elite, and I think he has a real shot at beating them at their own game here. Some may call it petty, but I think it's genius.

    This is a perfect example of the kind of action that can contribute to a peaceful revolution. Protests aren't working. People keep getting hurt, property gets damaged, it costs tax payers money, small, local businesses lose money, and the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that they set the cops, with their dogs, tanks, gas, pepper sprays, CANNONS and GUNS on their own people, and let us not forget...how many tons of ammunition was recently afforded domestic law enforcement? Do you think they're gearing up to use all that for target practice?

    No, protests just don't work. And although there is a time to take up arms against your oppressor, I believe that all other options should be exhausted before one chooses violence. We all need to start getting creative like this guy. Use our brains as weapons of mass destruction, and watch the establishment explode.

    Jonathan Frieman says corporate personhood laws make him a car pool
  2. That is clever to say the least.

    So he is trying to lose the case? I'm not well versed on the supreme court decision.
  3. See, since Citizens United basically states that corporations are people, thus affording them the same rights as people, this guy is arguing that he should not have to pay his traffic ticket, and he should be able to use the carpool lane if he is carrying corporate papers. It's simply a matter of sticking it to the man while playing by their rules. :)
  4. so if someone shreds corporate papers that means they are a murderer!!!
  5. There ya go!!! The next time you see someone shred/destroy a corporate document, you should call the police and ask to charge that person with murder. We should be cramming the courts and bogging them down with cases like this. It's the same principle as calling on all marijuana users to insist on a jury trial when they get busted and arrested for a measly dime bag.
  6. Ok. I was thinking he wanted to lose so he could appeal and eventually get the Citizens United ruling over-turned. I would like to see him get some volunteer lawyers/donations to 'fight' it.

    If the county court approves of what he did that would open a flood-gate.

    Well played, Jonathan Frieman, well played.
  7. What a joke.

    Publicly traded corporations are part of the reason we have such a high standard of living in this country, yet people want to "stick it to the man".
  8. Well since the man didn't have the actual corperation in his car his case is invalid.

    Its akin to having your wife's purse in the car and saying it counts as her.

    Company documents are company property not the company itself.

    But I agree corperations are not people.

    I'm a market anarchist/minarchist and I love corperations. They are essential to an efficient system.

    But I also like playing fair.

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