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If cannabis has anti-cancer properties, why did Bob Marley die?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cool hwhip, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Honestly, I don't think smoking cannabis helped or hurt him in the big scheme of things (I mean, of course it hurts the lungs from smoking anything, but I'm thinking in terms of contributing to his death).

    Sure weed has anti-cancer attributes, but it is very rare that it would provide enough support for the body to significantly reduce the cancer. I'm sure it helped him cope with the pain and the stress that comes with cancer, but one cannot expect that smoking cannabis will defeat the cancer in one's body. If so, pharmaceutical companies would have been all over that and would have put a THC packed drug on the market to aid cancer patients.

    Anyways, I can understand where you are coming from and why you would question this, but with the serious condition Bob was in, anything was a far-cry from a cure.
  2. It has ainti-cancer properties, it's not a cure for it. I think he had the right idea though quality over quanity with his life and I'm sure he had the same rule for his buds.
  3. what? he had a soccer accident on his foot. then after he walked on it for some time it started to get cancerous, just like any other wound would if it was walked on nonstop. once it got bad the doc. wanted to amputate it, but as a rasta bob couldn't have it removed, (against his religion)

    even though herb has anti tumor properties, it can't fix everything for everyone.
  4. the Illuminati killed bob

  5. as far as i understand its not the fact that it stops the cells from being cancerous, it just slows down the rapid uncontrollable division of an unwanted cell.... correct?
  6. I swear he didn't get cancer and died of gangrene in his leg because he refused medical attention?
    Or am I being an idiot?
  7. really? you have to eat it. smoking/vaporizing won't give you the medical benefit that ingestion will.
  8. You can only smoke so much and so fast to get the dose youre after. Ive read smoking only delivers 10% of medicinal cannabinoids. Im not talking about thc,cbd, but each of the 100+ other cannabinoids present in the plant. You need that raw plant resin and you definteley dont wanna set flame to your medicine/You need to eat the edibles or concentrates to get the most powerfull effects.
  9. But do you know how long he was actually supposed to live? Neither do I.

    For all we know, he should have dropped dead in his late teens, but we'll never know.

    Again, it's not a cure-all that works 100% of the time, it's just been shown to slow the progression patterns of already-established cancer patients, and it occurred frequently enough, versus people without the same treatment, to indicate that it isn't coincidence or luck, but rather it actually works to some degree.

    Yes, a few peoples symptoms and cancers have disappeared entirely, but it's wishful thinking to assume that would be the case for everyone, when even treatments for illnesses we're more familiar and better at coping with, don't always give the same end result.
  10. It helped him cope and maybe slow the progression but not by much. He could of lived but we all know Bob was a rasta. Even to point it may have sealed his fate. He lived and died a rebel. JAH!
  11. how about that?
  12. I didn't read through all 3 pages of replies, but the studies you are referring to has nothing to do with smoking/vaporizing/eating marijuana. The studies that were conducted used concentrated THC and other cannabinoids and were then injected directly into the tumor, which shrunk in size, but not alot. Without looking the study back up, I think it was somewhere around 8% total after several treatments. Don't get me wrong, I think there is something phenomenal at work here, but to say that smoking weed cures cancer is illogical.
  13. source please? sounds like bullshit to me.
  14. you would have to smoke a shit load of joints to get cancer from it, like as mush as a heavy cigarette smoker would smoke.

    so like, 2 packs a day? for what, 20 years?

    i think i'll be fine.

  15. Where did you get that? Above the influence? Sounds like bull to me. At least cite your sources if you're going to quote something like that.
  16. Cannabis can help cancer patients lessen their suffering. I don't think anybody in the medical marijuana game really thinks it can prolong life beyond perhaps causing the patient to feel a little better and thus not "give up."

    Cannabis has the ability to make certain drugs a little more effective. It also can relieve pain and anxiety of cancer patients.

    Whether or not it causes cancer is up for debate. One thing is certain, though: Somebody would have to smoke a hell of a lot of marijuana in order to even come close to the amount of smoke ingested by a tobacco smoker. You can't really compare it with somebody who smokes a couple packs of cigarettes a day.

  17. If he didn't smoke weed at all, the cancer/tumors might have been far worse.
    What scientists are saying is that it's like 100% proven not to CAUSE cancer or tumors, but it doesn't cure them, and it doesn't always make a significant difference.
  18. smoking weed does NOT give you cancer. bob marley died of a rare form of genetically inherited toe cancer.
  19. Weed wont cure, cancer. Sure some properties may make cancer less likely, but cancer can happen to anybody and there all different kinds. And like you even said, he had no proper treatment.

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