If California legalizes marijuana...

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  1. id love to live there regardless, however if it became legal there the first report of any substantial tax gain for the state and i almost guarantee that other states will follow suit very quickly.
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    There's plenty of places in California that have woods, countryside, no crowds, etc.
  3. naw. I think I'll remain a criminal here on the East side.

  4. 'Tis is true=P:hello:
  5. I already live here.

  6. I thought cops were extremely lax on weed in the pacific northwest?
  7. I'm in NS Canada and I think I might just leave my house and walk there if It legalizes and start a whole new life, maybe get a job as a growers assistent.
  8. You still need to be a resident which requires a year or 2 of actual intent of becoming one (house, parents, tax returns, etc)

    Theres probably going to be an explosion with MJ trafficking to the other states...and tons will probably be added the the postal service lol.

    Im happy im here, but im defffffffinately investing in a stone wall and still packing a gun cause no idiot homeless bum from Atlanta is taking my legal stash of :).

    I'd HIGHLY reccomend you know someone first, or have some kind of job lined up because employment is only gonna get worse, especially in smaller towns. I know for sure though the first 3 years are gonna be a gold rush.
  9. Im moving back there in December, so excited!

    Born and raised in Newport Beach and have been going to school in NY for the last couple years. East coast is alright, but I gota give it up for the west coast, so many good times there!
  10. Wouldn't move there but I'd make a visit and stock up for sure :hello:.
  11. I'd love to move there, particularly San Francisco! :D
  12. Eh, SF is alright. All i can say is don't accidentally wind up in the Castro District on a parade day...you may never get out =O
  13. I've been planning on visiting Cali. I skate and grew up on skate videos from Cali, so if this law passes then I'm definitely going.
  14. dude me to, for the longest time i have been wanting to move to cali, im sick of were i live now (Boston) and i love the California scenery, within the next few years I'll definitely be living in either San Deigo or LA

  15. Thats what I would think
  16. I have this weird theory that when cali legalizes that it will force all the other states to because of all the people spending there vacation time and money there and not other states, and don't forget to mention international travelers with all there money. I also think that a large portion of our economy is based on black market weed so when cali legalizes it will change the nations economy as a whole... not sure if it will be a good or bad change though.
  17. You betch your bong the rest of the states will do the same once they see the $$$$ Cali is bringing in. Can't wait till November!
  18. I've been looking at a couple of jobs in Seattle.
  19. my guess is that californias housing market will improve...
  20. Hopefully, it's really shitty right now. Housing prices in my area have gone down drastically, at least 15-20% reductions, but it's mostly due to high foreclosure rates.

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