If California legalizes marijuana...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DragonMage, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. If California legalizes marijuana would you consider moving there? I wonder if there will be a massive influx of people if (when?) that happens.

    I'd be tempted but I would be concerned about the cost of living and hellacious traffic.

  2. Everybody in the united states will move there and then they will get the earthquake they are long overdue for and that will be the end of the united states.
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  4. I definitely wouldn't move there because of that. I wouldn't live there now. I would love to visit.
  5. I think if Cali legalized it, after 2 or so years many other states will have it legalized after they see the tax dollars it's pulling in.
  6. Everyone I talk to is like, "Dude when pot is legalized in Cali I'm definitely moving there!" There will be a pretty large influx in population but prices are gonna get jacked up with the sudden spike of population. I mean prices for everything, not just weed. Everything in California is already expensive as shit. I'll wait until it's legal in my home state Michigan until then I'm all about that black market sheiittt!
  7. Regardless of the legalization status, I have my mind set on living there for a bit. Need a change of scenery (live in upstate ny)
  8. There's two sides to the arguement. At the same time as you guys pointed out, it could have a lot of negative side effects. The economy is so largely based on MJ here up North, that if it was legalized there would be hardly any jobs. Supposedly grow areas are going to be regulated at 5x5, which would severely limit the amount of MJ coming out, making it more expensive and charges on those growers trying to expand would be quite more intense since it would be a completely recognized law federally.
  9. nope, dont wanna go now wouldnt wanna go then. im not a city kinda person, ill take my dirt road and woods lol
  10. I'm considering moving there either way (Washington and Oregon are also under consideration). At best, it will be a nice perk to be able to smoke without fear of prosecution and at worst, all three states are a hell of a lot more lenient than where I'm at now.
  11. You're talking about the Southern California life, LA, etc. Northern California is nothing the same. Backwoods and roads, some of the most beautiful country. Definately get you though, that's why I moved out of the California city life.
  12. Never Never Never! Their gun laws SUCK!!!
  13. I guess I'd consider it...

    Nah, but I really would consider moving out of california. The epicenter of the big earthquake that's supposed to come would be like 5 minutes from my house.
  14. i would....

  15. ok i got ya, now that i think about it i knew that lol. Cause dont a lot of mx riders live in the country in norcal? I ride mx, so good bit of land without people is a must
  16. There's way more riding in socal, racing and fmx is so much more popular down here. I used to live up in Sac and i only knew like one other guy to ride with, today there were 5 guys riding 50's round my neighborhood :hello:. But ya, Cali is definitely the most environmentally diverse state, don't base it on what you hear. We have cities, cold and warm beaches, mountain ranges, deserts, suburbs, pretty much everything; i'm never leaving this great state YES ON 19!! :smoke:
  17. If cali does legalize then once I finish college I'll be looking for a job out that way...good thing for me silicon valley is out that way anyway :)
  18. It's too expensive to live out here . . .
  19. Why you wanna live in WA? We got pretty good bud here and its only 10 a gram (approx), but cops can be bitches.

  20. Depends what you like, what the other post said, lots more desert and racing, etc. down in SoCal, up north has a lot more mountains, trees, etc. backwood riding, and trails. Down south is most likely strictly track. I've got a newer CRF450R, but I love trails and mountains, always have always will, racing is just too competitive and dangerous for me. Buddy of mine killed another kid a year or two ago.

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