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if bud was legal.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Snaffle, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. If ganja was legal...

    I'm not sure if there is already a thread on this topic, sorry if there is!

    Anyways, me and a buddy of mine have always talked about how if weed was legal, how it would be. In my opinion I think it wouldn't be as enjoyable if it was legal. I just cant even imagine seeing like Phillies "ganja edition" or something heh.

    What do you guys think about it if it happend?
  2. if weed was legal id just smoke crack
  3. if weed was legal, the government would need another scapegoat. and i think nascar fans would get pissed at themselves for being responsible for our nations decline.
  4. if weed became legal, the cost would go way down and the quality would go way up. our government would save billions, then make billions from taxes. there is no drawback to its legality, nor any logical reason for its illegality.
  5. Well I'm hoping it will be controlled the same way as alcohol, except make it 18 instead of 21. No doing it in public places, no DUI, etc. And of course it will be available in designated stores with much lower prices. And who knows, maybe one day it will be more popular and more consumed than alcohol.

  6. why not public places? they should make a toking bar, instead of getting drunk you would have smoke and get baked..I wonder what would be the legal amount of thc you can have in your bloodstream while driving to be considered not a DUI. I doubt it, but ill keep dreaming, either way if it does happen every stoner in America who smoked b4 it was legalized will be proud they made a difference and it will be a big lift off every toker shoulders
  7. I would love for the good herb to be legal.But it should be treated as any other backyard herb.Last thing you want is the Pharmaceutical companies getting rights to it.They already own the then the fines for growing would careful what you wish for my friends
  8. i completely agree. and i also think that the earlier poster about how much money the government would make is a great point also. I mean, if the gov. finally had at least a little sense knocked into each 1 of them, they might realize the truth about shmii (my codeword) and legalize it; but with the proper restrictions and laws

  9. Very interesting point.
  10. Just because you dont like NASCAR doesnt mean you have to insult it...Motorsports are not the 2nd biggest reason of decline in America. And for that mater either is marijuana!

  11. someone's done their homework

  12. I agree.
  13. My first legal sack(or legal in CA anyway) was even more enjoyable to me. I was a kid in a candy store with strains laid out like fruit ripe for the picking. Hopefully one day the US gov. will treat ganja like alcohol.
  14. I pray for the day I can walk into a gas station buy a Swisher pre-rolled with the herb.
  15. It wouldn't be as cool and would lose all appeal to me. The whole stoner thing would be blown wide open and become even more of a cliche' plus all the douche kids would give it a bad name.

  16. you smoke bud because it's cool?
  17. Like Cancerous, not sure if I understand. I smoke cause it gets me high and eases my pains.
  18. If weed were legal I would be sooooo happy.
  19. Pretty funny how people only smoke weed to be cool and to be in a certain "group". I personally would like to smoke with everyone and anyone I can.

    Look at me im smoking weed!!!
  20. its a plant.

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