If beer choice is telling as to who you are...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mist425, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Then my respect for Obama just plummeted:

    "Yes, folks, the moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. The White House has revealed which beers will be consumed during President Obama's mediation session tonight with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard University and Sgt. James Crowley, the Cambridge police officer who arrested him. The President will drink Bud Light. Professor Gates has apparently opted for Red Stripe, the Jamaican lager, while Sergeant Crowley has selected Blue Moon, a Belgian-style wheat beer." (nytimes.com)

    Seriously? Bud light? The other two had good selections imo - both delicious and interesting flavors. But Bud light? Why not just have someone piss down his throat?
  2. Someone would give him shit for drinking an import...but I agree, Bud Light sucks.
  3. The similarity between american beer and having sex in a canoe?

    It's fucking close to water!

    But joking aside, I'd think he'd had a somewhat more sophisticated taste in beer. Going for Bud Light is like preferring the cheapest generic wine you can buy at Walmart or similar discount store.

    Personally I enjoy mainly Danish, German and Czech lagers, brewed according to ancient purity laws. And the occasional Guiness and other darker, more "wheaty" flavoured beers
  4. Pffhfhfhhh, bud light?

    We all know his favorite.


    I'm not a beer guy but I like Blue Moon.
  5. Well being the president of the United States and in the economic situation we are in, him choosing an imported beer would look terrible. I think a Sam Adams Summer Ale would have been the correct choice for him.
  6. Ahhhhahahahaha...
  7. Bud light? Honestly? America makes alot of great beer and he chooses that?
  8. BUD LIGHT!? wtf.
  9. *shrug* your really going to rag on the man for just getting some bud-light.

    Come on people....

    BTW gates had red stripe XD
  10. Well, you know what I'm about. :D
  11. Beer is for pussies, drink whiskey!
  12. He's trying to look folksy. Worked for W (for a while, anyway)
  13. Let us remember who he thinks he's trying to impress.
  14. Bud light! Bud light!, that ain't beer, that's near beer, girls light! I bet Putin drinks a mans beer. I think the choice was a mistake it makes him look like a bitch. He could have pulled a Bush and said "i don't drink" and people could respect that but Bud light? Damn.
  15. Yea his choice of bud light entertained me. In the video you could see right through his glass. At least drink a full strength budweiser if you are gonna drink it at all.
  16. I know its embarrassing.
  17. Bud Light Sucks! True....But Obama made the right choice, Afterall Bud is the American Lager. Maybe a Regular Bud would have been better?
  18. Too bad bud isnt owned by the US.
  19. Maybe he's sending a subconscious message about his plan to legalize marijoowana and turn the oval office into a grow room? Maybe?
  20. No, First it was the All Star game where he wore those weird looking metro sexual jeans and threw the first pitch like a girl. Now its Bud lite. He needs to man up.



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