If anyone wants to have a rap or freestyle battle

Discussion in 'General' started by Fractal, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. or whatever, just a rhyme off, start it up, im ready
  2. I gotta nine by my side and a fifth of jack
    sticky green, clean my screen, yeah my rhymings whack
    but I got myself a girl and this bag of weed
    gonna smoke a blunt then drift and dream
    about fields of Mary Jane and far out things
    like a comets bright light on ecstacy
  3. Now im blazed on this blunt let me bring it again
    brain flowing, eyes glowing, feeling masculine
    gotta get up in the morning gotta go to class
    gotta get my shit together gotta make this last

    Cuz their's mass manipulation of our mentality
    your brains your only weapon education is key
    to unlock the dollar and be what you wanna be
    I find myself slipping, and trippin, spittin' hypocricy

    in the back of my mind I think that school is whack
    bunch of spoiled freeloaders all followin' the same track
    leading straight to the center of conformed and dumb
    everyone's dumb drunk off the same curriculum
  4. But im just talking to myslef fractal aint bringin a beat
    Its 3 o'clock in the morning and going to sleep.
  5. Im gonna play to the mass's while all yall sit on your ass's
    I got the streets down pat and the hoods on lock
    Yeah, thats right ima be the biggest thin to hit this city since crack hit the block
  6. I'm just sittin' here waiting for some inspiration
    gonna pack up something nice with a little filtration
    got my bubbler here to help take away my frustration
    just craving a little bit of that high up sensation.

    sure i should be doing work
    either that or just sleeping
    but i'd rather have a smirk
    at the toms down there peeping
    you see i used to be a good boy
    playing only with a toy
    but now i've started a quest
    in fact i may be obsessed
    but hey, i don't care, hell i'm not even dressed.

    *will add more after I get high in a few minutes...*

    Now Im' talking to this guy
    on the internet
    about the digits of pi
    on the intranet.
    but really just a-chattin about god
    what to believe, what to expect? this doesen't rhyme. i think i'm spent.

    sorry guys i'm not having a rapping-mood high. i'mg log off and dance around to music or something.
  7. bout to spark a bowl of this stanky ass dank
    I only stick to weed so dont go offerin me no crank
    Grab my lighter and a bottle of gin
    anticipatin the high about to begin

    Anybody gettin in my face and startin some shit
    best back the fuck off you bitch ass bout to get hit
    Your gunna wish i pull out my glock straight to ya head
    cus what im about to do next gunna make u wish you was dead

    Im flyin from the high, im floatin like a bird
    gunna chill with some dawgs, keep on popo alert
    Cus the 5-0 always ready to take me down
    cus the marijuana i smoke makes the government frown

    To the playas out chillin in grasscity
    I give a toke to the girls that are oh so pretty
    don't live ya life makin others feel ya pity
    just get more fucked up til ya words sounds shitty
  8. Here I sit broken hearted..
    Tried to shit but only farted!
  9. There once was a man
    He lived in Nantucket
    Had a dick so long
    The brother could suck it
    And one time he told me, yo
    "If my ear was a cunt, I'd fuck it"
  10. Intelligince of a communication on the line
    Haves me thinking all the time
    That there might be something extraordinarily strange
    About the little things I am watching to say
    about yours an mines hobby past times

    The freedom to speak can only be spent
    At the cost of me and you to vent
    You bet your self this son
    You will soon find your self on the run
    From something that is looked down upon
    they lock us in stone
    Because this just in you have a bug in your phone

    Yaaaa Boyyyy
  11. hey sorry yall i forgot this post
    it was late at night, i was baked at night
    but now that im here imma bring it the most

    see, for a while now i be flowin
    my rhymes gettin so hot, that they all be knowin
    that im soon to explode, now i go into mode
    "overdrive," im now unpredictable

    damn yall, i was gonna be done
    but that last line got em hoot-in and holler-in
    i cant help it i got, cant help it but rock it
    but it makes yall look like chil-d-ren

    seriously read that, it was soo sick
  12. YO ho
    smoke weed bro:smoke:
  13. dude either im way to stoned or none of that last half sounded right
  14. ya, rap typed is often hard to tell if it flows without a beat or not. especially the more advanced rhymes, which i try to do more, not just rhyming the last word in each sentence.
  15. spot saved ...im gonna go spark one ill edit it in a bit
  16. nice, in that case ill save this spot, and then throw down on you when your done. thats a fair warning, bring your game homie.
  17. humpty dumpty sat on a wall...
  18. (to the fresh prince theme)

    Now this is a story all about how,
    my bong got flipped, and broke on the ground,
    I sat for a minute, and could only stare,
    Did I just witness the biggest fuck up of the year?

    A couple of guys, who some drunk ass foo's
    started makin trouble in my living room
    they got in one little fight, and the bong wasn't spared
    It broke on the ground, the scent of bong water in the air

    I pick up little pieces, about 7 or 8,
    and I yell at the drunk kid, "Yo homes, getcha paper"
    looked at his wallet, it was sitting right there
    knocked his ass out, and took what I thought was fair
  19. pretty funny actually^

    and since that dude hasnt sparked off yet....

    (pretty slow)

    yo i been sittin here for what seem like 3 hours
    i think he know that, he who aint been miced, i devours
    and yo, i know you prolly cant keep with my flow
    its a little too deep for ya, a little too street for ya
    but if you can keep ya up, youll feel each blow
  20. yeah i definatly agree with the end words rhyming, thats some basic shit, but the main thing is its hard to establish a beat and syllabals from reading, i do know one thing that last rap made sense, and was nice :)

    keep em coming

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