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If an 8th of weed cost $65

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by GoodGravy, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. How much should a quarter and half ounce of the same weed, from the same supplier cost?
  2. 8th = 65
    1/4= 120-125 (Depending on price break he gives)
    Half- 210-220~ish

    Just my best assumptions.. but a 65 1/8 is fucking dumb.
  3. ask your dealer. I never would pay 65 an 8th. I never pay more than 55. For dank.
  4. you really "shouldn't" be paying over 60 for an 8th. i put shouldnt in quotes because that really may be the best price in your area. if thats what an 8th costs you i'd say between 120 and 130. but really man try and find some better prices
  5. It's hydro, n I live in KY. Prices suck here anyway.
    People will sell a ounce of seedy reg to a fool for $130.

  6. LOL wut.

    You shouldn't be paying more then 40/8th for dank, paying 50 is a joke. 45 is alright if it is FIRE.
  7. You're pretty much spot on. In this area of PA, the standard rate is 65 an eighth. The only reason I get mine for 50 is because I'm good friends with my dealer.

    But hey, if that's all that's available, you take what you can get.
  8. na man you cant get dank for under 60 an 8th where i live
  9. I get my quarters for $65. 8ths for $35 sometimes $30

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