if America had no migrants

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What if everyone went home

  1. America would be better and richer

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  2. America would go completely to shit

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  3. Nothing would change

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  4. It would try to get them to stay

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  1. What do you think would happen if everyone who has entered America within the last twenty years suddenly decide to go back to where they came from?????
  2. there would be no one around to do the jobs that americans living here don't want to do, like clean hotel rooms and cook tacos all day for a dollar an hour. There would not be enough people to fill the low wage service jobs, and also there would be alot of highly paid doctors and engineers gone, stripping america of alot of talented people. Both of these events would cause the economy to fall greatly.
  3. Its already happening. Not everyone at once of course, but many people come over here and work for like 5 years, then go back to their home country and be crazy rich there.

    I work with mad brazilians who do it.
  4. I just wish some of my professors could speak english well enough that I could listen to them instead of deciphering what they say or counting the number of "umms" per minute. (one of my teachers says umm an average of 8-9 times per minute with a high as far as I've counted before falling asleep of 20. Umm is really a pet peeve of mine. I also hate when people use the word like excessively)

  5. Ihave to agree!!
  6. I've tried to stay out of this thread.. BUT I can't..

    Where I live we don't have many migrants at all... There are alot in towns not to far from me though..

    The town I live in does just fine with our society of people doing all the jobs that we have here..

    I have my own company and I don't have any problems finding employees to fill the jobs I have..

    the rest of the USA would be just like my town if there wasn't the migrants around...

    I have had imigrants work for me in the past.. They didn't have to pay taxes like the rest of us do.. they also could have 30 living in one house hold.. This is against the law for the rest of us here.. I am limited to how many people can stay in my home and for the time they stay.. Not true with the imigrants, legal or not...

    Now I pay 1200.00 dollars a month for my place... If I could have 30 others helping pay??? I would only have to pay 40.00 dollars a month... I could save alot of money..

    There are no one dollar an hour jobs.. Everyone has to be paid a minimum of 5.65 an hour...

    The people who are hee to stay can't even live off that.. But with the laws for imigrants they can go home rich!

    I can't answer your poll.. The option of we could make it just fine is not there!

    Also I am not against imigrants.. I just think we should all have the equal opertunity to make a living!
  7. So what you're saying is that it's only migrants who are lazy ?? how many "Americans" are out of work because they won't do a job below thier standard.How many immigrants work at jobs that a lot of people consider below them.
    I'm not bothered either way since I live in England, but I often see Asian bus drivers,ethnic street sweepers and the lower paid jobs seem to all be filled by foriegners.this is because the average britton doesn't want to get his hands dirty,and because they (foriegners) are prepared to do anything as long as it pays.Who do you think is at fault ???
    I myself was confronted by prejudice when I moved from the north of england to the south( usual comments of stealing our jobs,stealing our girls)my answer was simple if the lazy bastards weren't so picky there wouldn't be a job for me to take and if I wasn't so good I wouldn't have been getting paid twice as much as them.!!!!
    Watch out America don't get complacent or lazy (oops too late).
  8. Where I live, we have sandy soil and grapes are a big crop. The thing about grapes is that they're an AWFUL lot of work, with tieing and manicuring and picking. The migrant workers that are around here are intregal to our local economy. To put it bluntly (heh, I said "blunt"), the migrant workers do all the jobs that Americans don't want to do/are too stuck up to be bothered with.

    I have a cousin that thinks very differently from me, though. His opinions seem to be based, however, more on emotions then facts. He says things like "all those damn Gonzolazes comin' up here takin' away our jobs!" One has to wonder if he, a highly-paid building contracter, is truely concerned about the availability of <$5/hr jobs in the grape-picking industry, or if he's just racist.

  9. Where did I say that immigrants are lasy? I nevwer said some people wouldn't work for less than they set a goal for..

    I said that I have to pay high taxes because they pay NO taxes.. I also said they can have 30 people living in one house hold where I would be fined and have to go to court if I have more than two people per bed room...

    I also know that the kids today can't get a job at McDonalds or fast food resteraunts because they have alot of immigrants working there..

    If the immigrants come here and plan on staying is one thing.. For them to come here just to make alot of money and then go home rich (where they live) is another..

    Just my opinion!
  10. If immigrants are doing work and no tax is being paid then surely thats the fault of the employer or the goverment??
    If they are living 20 to a house then some goverment department isn't doing it's job (like you said there are laws against it) or some unscrupulous landlord is raking it in.
    I myself have worked in many countries and have been well paid for doing so,I then go home but the work I was paid for doing still got done.
    What do you propose, that if I build a stadium in Russia I should have to live in that country until I've spent all the money I earned there?? Why? The stadium is going to be used for years to come and I have filled my obligations to my employer by doing the work that was required of me.surely what I do after that is up to me???
  11. I don't care where you spend your money as long as you work legally and pay all appropriate taxes instead of leeching the system.
  12. The government gives foriegners 5 years that they have to pay no taxes.. The employers still have to pay their part just the same though..

    They also get the free medical insurance..

    They also get by with having to many people in one house hold..

    All I want is.............

    They have to pay the taxes just as I do..

    They also have to pay for their medical just like I do.

    The system should treat them the same as it does the people who live here all our lives and pay the max for everything..

    If thats not going to happen, then the people here (that lived here and will live here for the rest of their lives) who are looking for a job should have first choice at all jobs that they are qualified for...

    Here is one example of what I am saying..

    The people who are born and live in the USA shouldn't have to take a less paying job just because a immigrant wants to come over here and make more money than they could in there home city..

    One more thing.. The ones who move here and legally become US citizens and pay just like we do, is fine...
  13. You have provided me with the answers to my questions but I feel I must repeat myself and ask the $64,000 question
    Who do you think is to blame if what you say is true then the people you should be angry (not sure if thats the right word to use) with are your own goverment for allowing this???
    I don't think you can blame the migrants when they don't make the rules.
    In essence I agree with your sentiments because here in England we have free health care and that is abused by foriegners all the time.I lived in Holland for twelve years and during that time I was treat as a Dutch person as far as taxes and rules were concerned, so I also think if you want to live in my country then you must obey the same rules and regulations as everyone else.
    The sort of preferential treatment you describe can only lead to the sort of resentment that eats away at any chance of a stable society.
  14. I am not angry, but frustrated that the government would do the working class people this way.. It makes me want to go away and then come back as a migrant.. lol

    But........... the migrants take advantage of this situation way to much..

    Lets say the migrants come here and make 25,000.00 dollars a year for 5 years.. They can live on 5,000.00 dollars a year so that leaves them 20,000.00 dollars to send home..

    In 5 years they have 100,000.00 dollars and the people of thia country have paid all the insurance for them and their taxes..

    Where they live, that much money would be close to a million dollars here..

    In my Opinion.......................... They become millionairs while we struggle for the largest part of our lives just to be able to live our last years with oput having to work ourselves into an early grave..

    Of course our government also gives the rich all the tax deductions and the working class takes up their slack as well..

    It's all fucked up.. thats just another great way our government screws us with out lubrication!

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