if all the hairs are orange??

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  1. So if all the hairs are now orange does that mean they are done,ready? The trics are not amber really but on some plants the main buds or all have all the hairs now orange. Thanks..

  2. Go by the trichs only, different pheno's do different hair colours and changes.
  3. ...And environmental factors. Heat and humidity can affect the hairs turning color.

    Follow the trichs.
  4. So ok then what about he size improving in thse last 17 days even though the hairs are orange? Do they still plump up like people say in the end? This is a 65 day finish strain is that from 12/12 or first hairs and will they get bigger in what the last 7 days, 5, 10??? I have been in to big a hurry before.... Thanks again

  5. Just go by colour of triches, it is the only true way to gauge 'done-ness'; age matters less.
  6. Sort of scary! Buds seem to be looking less dusty??!!! Bud leaves seem to be getting more, bigger and darker green. Have not added any N so don't worry about that. Exterior of buds seem to be rounding up like you would think with swelling but the trics are seemingly dissapearing? I have another 16 days to finish and I am worried they are done but not sure.. I looked at trics, not amber, mostly cloudy though, mostly. Heavy, dense colas but the trics thing is bugging me bad.. Help calm me down please... Also how do you post a pic on here?? any reason not to post pics?? You know the man and all??? Hung up yellow sticky paper for gnats, seemed to work like magic. I see no insect damage at all and well my humidity had been hanging around 73% if that means anything, down to 60% now.. Thanks
  7. Is your bud pregnant? Do you see seeds in their somewhere, cuz they can change the 'look' of a bud.
  8. Color of the Trichs!

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