If aliens attacked us...

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  1. We'd be dead in moments. Imagine a society which was hostile and technologically advanced enough to master interstellar travel and imagine how we'd be able to fight back. I don't really see any chance for us to survive such an encounter.

    Let's just hope that if Aliens do make contact that they are peaceful and generous.
  2. Why does everyone think that when we meet other life forces they will attack us? I'm sure they are just as curious as to what's out there as we are.
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    Human nature is aggressive, and people expect to find a population of things that think just like us? Idk.
    Personally, I'm one of those crazies that thinks aliens have been visiting us for a while now, behind the scenes, helping us. I like to think they don't reveal themselves to us because they've seen what we do with technology, that we are violently competitive, and they don't want to risk anyone getting harmed because of their presence. I like to think the aliens are nice people.
  4. Maybe we are the aliens sent here to destroy a planet?
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    That's quite a thought... Hmm
  6. The only thing that's attacking us is the corrupt ass government.
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    Nah, I think if we were sent here to destroy it we would've done it faster. Like that means they had to give everyone complete amnesia because our history starts from "the beginning" ya dig. Or else we would've already masters intergalatic space travel. But its all just speculation.
  8. I mean, I'm sure there are alien civs out there that are bent on conquest and destruction, of course there are ones that would come just to fuck our shit up, there's so many possiblitites. And we wouldn't be able to do anything bout it, unless other aliens came and saved us or some shit haha.
  9. I'm sure they are made of some kind of flesh,.308 hp rounds don't know the difference between human or alien flesh.

    But I'm sure we won't even see what they look like.
  10. *still waiting for my ride home*
  11. We will never be attacked by aliens.

    The only attacking that will be done is people on Earth vs. people on Earth

    and that is the most confusing thing to aliens
  12. If aliens attacked us it would really be our government attacking us and telling us that aliens are here to harm us, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Aliens are here to help- not all- but most.
  13. And just as scared.
  14. I didn't say that I thought they would attack us. I said that I hoped they didn't. There's two possibilities for first contact, either they want to be friends or they want to destroy us.

    Unless they all died due to disease like in War of the Worlds (the book, not the horrible movie), I don't think we'd stand a chance against a hostile alien civilization.
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    This is true.
  16. While I agree the technology to get here alone could blow us out of the water, all they would really have to do is introduce something foreign to attack our immune systems, and we would all be fucked.

  17. hmm never really thought of that. But couldn't we retaliate by doing the same to them?
  18. I think hightly advanced aliens would be able to introduce foreign diseases n shit without being seen, so how would we do it to them, prolly wouldn't even needa leave their badass ships?
  19. There presence wouldn't even be known they would be that advanced to even get to us. They would put a disease on earth most likely poison our water (but that is probably what they would be after) or any other means. Something as bad as AIDS where we couldn't discover a cure.

    If they wanted to be nasty they could give us some bad disease that makes our skin fall off from necrosis or something.

    We wouldn't even know aliens exist because they wouldn't need to make their presence known. So AIDS could be from aliens who knows. Even though I am sure they would have a more effective method than AIDS.

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