If Alcohol And Weed Effects Were Reversed...

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  1. Light beer = Shwag

    Normal beer = Mids

    Good I.P.A. = Headies

    Wine = Hash

    Hard Liquor = Hash oil.

    You can find any place that sells this stuff and get high.

    Smoke weed if you want to get drunk, but don't smoke too much, because it could kill you.

    How much would you drink if the effects were reversed?
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    Good I.P.A all day errrrday
    With the occasional wine and hard liquor :smoking:  :smoking:
  3. I thought that Vodka/Patron = Dank while Malt Liquor = Beasters it's sorta like dank but at a lower percentage into getting you fucked up. Hash would be like Wine, but Hash Oil hmmm.....What about a mixture of Wine and Vodka.
    As for Rum, wouldn't that be equivalent to Fruity Dank?
  4. Depends, could I be tested over a month back for being drunk and denied a job for it?

    Btw, ipa does not always mean top shelf beer, what about my beloved guinness? Surely you don't put that in the normal category! ?

    And what about high abv lagers? Some as much as 15%!

    I don't like your comparison chart...lol.
  5. D: I guess I wouldn't be getting high because alcohol destroys my stomach, just like almost everything I eat or drink..:/ that would be terrible to happen, I'm gonna go praise my buds now.
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  6. But the beer or whatever wouldn't have Alcohol in it, it would just get you high!
  7. Ah, ok, so alcoholic free beer and such? Lol. I only like the taste of wine, guess I'd be best friends with a hash high. That would still be terrible though! I enjoy smoking :) and cigarettes aren't an option.
  8. Drink alcohol is fine while smoking..
  9. If alcohol and weed effects were reversed, the government would find a way to say that smoking pot is now okay, just make sure you stay away from that dirty alcohol!
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  10. Yup ^ Nobody likes a free thinker. Drink to feel content with the world  :rolleyes:
  11. not a whole lot would change if the effects were reversed, since i smoke and drink anyway.  my alcohol consumption would just go way up and weed consumption down a little bit.
  12. I'd have my supply of a few different hash and hash oils, but that's about it. Never really been a beer fan....
    :smoking:  :cool:
  13. Tequila shots everyday, so dabs on dabs on dabs.
  14. I said "Good I.P.A," and for Guinness, I love the Foreign Extra. The other Guinness beers tend to suck hard. I want to drink beer with you.
  15. i dont normally drink but when i do i drink hard liquor. so i would gladly drink hard liquor if it treated me like hash oil.
    question though, would the liquid weed also fuck our livers? 

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