If a zombie outbreak really went down

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  1. Well say a zombie outbreak really happened or some sort of virus burst into the scene and started infecting everyone like rabies and we were set into a state of emergency.

    What would you take from your house, who would you call, and what would be your gameplan?
  2. id think the gov would just nuke us
    but just in case all my weed plus a bubbler
    my rilfe
    plus hand gun
    and then go raid some houses to find more weed

    i have everything plan for the zombie break out
    i think about this alot
  3. me and my friend talked about that before and we came to the conclusion that we would lock ourselves in Dick's Sporting Goods because of all the guns and axes and stuff they have.
  4. First I grab my girl and my zombie survival guide then try and make it to smith n wesson down the road, then after arming up and supplied with whatever food we can get from the cafetiere, would then make a break to westover airforce base in the next town, from there either air travel out or hole up and defend!
  5. What would I take from home:

    Rifles, ammunition, explosives, and plenty of it.

    Who would I call:

    My father

    Where would I go:

    Back out to the ranch and start fortifying my position.


    Hole up for a while, and kill any zombies that attempt to pass the property line before they reached the fortified zone.

  6. You sir know whats up! The zombie survival guide is the shit :D

    My primary concern would be non perishable foods. My appartment has two sets of thin wooden steps. Phase one out be ripping out the steps and getting to the highest level. I just bought a shotgun the other day so I'm set on that :devious:

    If you got the basics, then it's going to be a war of attrition.
  7. depends.

    what type of zombies

    1. The slow 'aaaaaaaaaah' zombies, they groan and walk extremely slow:
    I'd get all my friends, all the wepons and weed we could get and occupy this mansion thats miles away from everything. Im sure the owner would let us in, if he didn't.. we'd just have to invite outselfs in.

    2.the left for dead zombies.. they can run, jump and come in packs:
    sit tight and smoke a bowl, aint no way your surviving this one.
  8. OMG my fave topic me and my friends have spent literally over 10 hours just talking about the ideal loadout for zed killing and all that. We mostly talk about what to do if it where to happen say tomorrow and how to use what we have. Weed would actually be a huge commodity once things finally settle down. I mean who wouldn't need a chill drug once things settled down a bit but the threats where still looming. I just bought a carbon steel machete and sharpener as a survival weapon so i try to prepare. I think i will lurk this thread and use it as tonights time wasting mechanism.:D
  9. You forgot the Nazi Zombies from call of duty. In that case youre super fucked:p
  10. Im grabbing my SKS some food, ammo, gasoline, some camping gear and heading to my cousin land about an hour from here. I guess Id call my closest family and my best friend. Then try and survive and just wait and see what happens, nothing much you can really do.
  11. Well i have always figured slow zombies would never happen. What i mean is that even a third world country could nip that in the butt and stop that from spreading, farmer joe down the street wouldn't even bust out the shotty for that one the pitchfork would do the job. On a side note i was recently invited to go shoot with this guy who owns a full auto uzi, glocks, 2 full auto AR-15's (one .22), 2 AK47's (one .22), and last but not least an mac 11 equipped with silencer. The best part is i get to shoot this huge arsenal at exploding fucking targets, zombie survival training has never been so fun. I will def bring my zombie hunter shirt to that one:hello:
  12. I would be so fucking ready. Sometimes my friends and I like to smoke and just talk about zombie survival plans, as im sure alot of stoners do. I got the basics, a couple of rifles, some ammo, a mall to lock up in, a jeep and a KATANA! Thats all I need :) .

    I hope the zombies are the kind from the original Dawn of the Dead.
  13. Well, I do enjoy some Left 4 Dead, so I guess I'll make up an actual game plan right here, right now! :rolleyes:

    It would be safer for me to stay home, but I guess I'll be frisky.

    So, my dad has guns (even though I've never shot one) so I can just raid his and leave him some. Next I'd take some canned foods from the pantry. Then I'd travel into town to get better supplies. I'd probably hit up the herbal market that no one goes to, because I'm pretty sure I'd only have to deal with minimal zombies.

    After I've stocked up on as many supplies as I can I'd probably try to hole up at my friend's grandmother's house. It's secluded while still being close enough to never really lose contact with civilization.

    I probably wouldn't make it. :confused_2:
  14. I would head to the closest army base..or get on a boat and go to somwhere offshore cuz we all know zombies can't swim

  15. But they could walk underwater...?

  16. wait so now zombies don't breathe? wtf
  17. head to the moon
    everyone knows zombies arent rocket scientists
    neither am i but ima fast learner :smoking:

  18. like Pirates of the Caribbean :eek:
  19. hahaha believe it or not theres already a thread like this one. i swear i wouldnt lie to you.
    anyhow me and my brothers have been planning for a zombie outbreak since '95 heres our plan.
    1. guns. my older brother and cousin has glocks ak's all that shit
    2. rally all gangsta friends/collect family
    3. walmart. either post up like a fortress of zombie death or just ransack that bitch
    4. heres where circumstances come into play. we'll either steal and airplane and peace out or head back to the house and post up with occasional guerilla missions.
    5. rocket launcher. if our dumbasses make it to step 5 there has to be some military equipment out there somewhere.
    6. seek out bill murray:cool:
    7. black hawk/ other badass military shit.
    8. uhhhh this should pretty much have us set until a cure comes through or something.
    9. kill fuckin zombies:smoking:
    10. kill moar fuckin zombiessssssssssss.
  20. i have this all planned out with my smoking buddies.

    depending on where i am, i would either immediatly drive to my crew's apartment, or throw a bunch of canned food and blankets in my car, and then drive to my crew's apartment. then whoever else is alive would go with me to first find some guns (...somehow) and then raid a liquor store. then we would set up base at costco, and once we're organized, we'd train dogs to sniff out drugs and live the rest of our lives in a tweaked out state of fear until we all get eaten.

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