if a timer dies on 12/12 and you miss 9 hours of light?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NNorthernlight, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. if a timer dies on the 12/12 cycle and you miss 9 hours of light when it was supposed to be on.... what's the best to do? FIRST burn the old timer and buy a better quality one. SECOND do you give the remaining 3 hours of light followed by the normal night cycle and then you start as usual the day after or is there anything special to be done?

  2. start tomorrow with the normal cycle. obviously get a better timer. hook em up with some water though
  3. I would give them the 3 hours and then continue on the normal schedule.
  4. yeah finish up like Lay Low said give em last 3 hrs and then start like normal tommrw, itll be a bit confused but one day should be enough to mess anything up. and yes, get a better timer or make sure your at the same place same time erry day lol.
  5. try to stick to the original schedule don't add extra hours. so if you need to turn it off and on by hand until you get a new one you may have to do so.
  6. Extra darkness in flowering dosen't matter, just lucky you didn't leave them for long, lol. If the lights got stuck on that would be a totally different matter and it would confuse the fuck outta them. Flowering depends on proteins that are only active during prolonged absence on sunlight (>10hrs). Whack it back on the normal routine, no extra nothing, no worries.

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