if a room is completely dark, do you close your eyes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nutrition Facts, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. If you are navigating a dark room with no additional light, what do you do with your eyes? I catch myself closing mine since they are not needed.

    Sometimes I also open them and pretend I am blind.

    ...and sometimes when I do this i start seeing faint visualizations possibly caused by the blood circulating my eyes.

  2. I do pretty much exactly the same :eek:.
  3. I keep them open, they get used to the dark faster that way and no matter what eventually you will be able to see.

  4. This. :D
  5. It's so cool to pretend you're blind before you get used to it.
    Scary kinda cause I just stand there and slowly inch my way to my room haha
  6. I open my eyes really wide so my pupils adjust faster to pickup whatever bit of light is in the room.
  7. i keep them open and listen to my other senses more closely until i can see outlines.
  8. ... He said completely dark.. so no outlines. we're talking COMPLETELY
  9. i keep my eyes open but i always hit something with my head or break something:eek:

    edit-i see the visuals too dude
  10. :)This is why I want to visit an isolation tank ^^^^

    Let my mind run amok

    Oh yeah I keep my eyes open
  11. I think if anything I open my eyes MORE.

    My eyes are trying to suck up any light they can find! :D lol.. :smoking:

    but as far as seeing visuals, that shit happens to me all the time when I close my eyes. I've actually seen some crazy colors.. I wonder if it happens all the time and it's just easier to notice when you're eyes are closed? Maybe?
  12. I have a photographic memory so I cruise through my house light or night and don't walk into things
  13. no way. your balance is definitely off when closed as opposed to open

  14. im pretty sure this has more to do with the visual cues of your world than whether your eye lids are relaxed or not.
  15. I really dislike completely dark rooms just because I have HPPD and I will see so many visuals and colors swirling and forming patterns, that I won't be able to see at all even if my eyes adjust. Although I close my eyes just because I start to feel a little anxious if I have my eyes open and I can't see anything, so it makes me feel more comfortable to close them.
  16. I close my eyes because the boogie man can see the whites of your eyes in the dark. Even more importantly I keep my mouth shut too, because the boogie man likes to shove things in your face when it's dark..
  17. I close my eyes and stick my hands out way in front of me, trying to feel or something to grab onto... I have very poor balance due to a severe ear infection I had in high school.. my equilibrium is forever fucked! Damn I'd just end up falling down. :(
  18. I keep my eyes open.

    It makes no sense to close them in the dark (conditions like HPPD not withstanding)...if you close them you lose the possibility of picking up most light sources, especially the small ones. Even a light the size of a pinhole can be a marker. And even in complete darkness, contours can still be distinguished.

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