If A Meteor killed the Dinosaurs?

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  1. Were is the crater?? I was thinking Marina Trench....anyone else?
  2. gulf of mexico
  3. Grand Canyon?
  4. gulf of mexico
  5. Gulf of Mexico would make alot of sense

  6. If a meteor was big enough to create the gulf of mexico it would destroy the earth
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    It supposedly hit on the Yucatan Peninsula - which is Central America...

    I only say supposedly because we still don't know for a fact.

    And here's something I've always wondered - even if a meteor did hit and "killed the dinosaurs", tell me - how the fuck could/would/did EVERY SINGLE ONE die????

    Come on...

    Take what I just said and couple it with 62 million years of a head-start on us (minus the 2 million when we started springing up).

    I'm not saying ANYTHING, but it does make you wonder, no?

    Also - the Earth is almost 8,000 miles in diameter, and we've only been able to (artificially) dig about 7 or so miles down into the ground with our technology...

    Do we dare say that we know for a fact that there ain't shit going on under our feet??? Remember - 7 miles...
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    The Yucatan!

    Check out the bolded part of the entry I posted.
  9. lol, trenches have nothing to do with craters.
  10. Most creatures wouldn't die from the actual impact, but from the climate change caused by the smoke and such.

    Also, it wouldn't have killed all the dinosaurs instantly, but small left over groups in a damaged environment would die out quickly.
  11. The pacific ocean?
  12. the climate change from the dust blocking the sun, would kill and/or starve almost everyone
  13. Yucatan Peninsula.

    And the force of the blast was actually quite tremendous. It's not like the earth was punched, but meteors have are measured in kilton explosive proportions I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong.

    Although yes climate change caused by the impact killed the dinosaurs the world over, a 100 mile-wide chunk of rock hitting the earth created tremendous destruction, making any nuclear explosion look pathetic.
  14. yes, i believe the statistic is that it was 2,000,000 times as powerful (in terms of total energy released) as the tsar bomba, the largest nuclear weapon detonated.
  15. I think they died from suffication before any climate change.
  16. The continents were in drastically different locations all those millions of years ago, it would be a world we wouldn't even recognize. Maybe it's the Yucatan, maybe it's a huge crater that's underwater

    One theory is that they died because the sun was blocked out due to all the ash....since the sun is the giver of life, it is 'god' anthropomorphized, which is why ancient people worshiped it
  17. So where were all of the other animals at the time of this massive clusterfuck? Did literally all of them die? If so, how can we ever believe modern birds evolved from dinosaurs?

    My post sounds ridiculous but I literally have no clue on this subject.

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