If A Majority Of People Smoked...

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  1. This is probably going to sound really stupid, but let's say that enough people smoked (I'm talking like 5.5 billion - 6.5  billion [there is approx 7 billion people in the world]) could marijuana be something petty to be arrested for? 
    I mean like, you know how j-walking is illegal, how many people are actually arrested and fined for it? Little to none. Could the same apply to weed?

  2. Swim was arrested for a blunt's worth about a week ago. He got 24 hours and a $167 ticket. Swim's arresting officer hadn't ever smoked marijuana in his life.
  3. who the fuck names their kid swim?
    anyways. dont think it would be illegal by then....
  4. Lmfao please tell me u aren't kidding and that you actually think someone named their kid swim! I just geeked out hardcore to that lol. Sorry I'm a little high.
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  5. im pretty baked too so...i dont kno...
  6. Well i was arrested a month ago in florida for 0.2 in a blunt roach i forgot i had and just had court yesterday... 3 months probo with drug tests, 30 hours community service, and 3 drug education classes. amazes me on the west coast its practically legal and here i got fucking arrested for a roach! Blows my mind to think how far we are from legalization in some states.

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  7. Someone
  8. LMAO!!!!!
  9. If the majority of people smoked weed, there would probably be peace and a lot of food.
  10. Haha ^^ to the a lot of food comment.

    Anyway I think it would be legal before that happened. It's already legal in Washington and I live in Portland so that's like 10 minutes away from me. I think it'll be legal here eventually.
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    if evrybody got hifh we coyld luke hotbox the world. 

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