if a doc says to stop weed for mental health do i have to?

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  1. i mean it's my life and i love weed. do i really need to stop? i smoke like 1g a day. im afraid hel push me to get to rehab. thnx for answers
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  2. u know man, I can take it or leave it; can you?
    I sometimes take a T-break (ie. tolerance break) once every year or so for about a month, thing is though, I call it a W-break (ie. willpower break) to remind myself who is in control.

    Its your body, no one can force you to take drugs (well... they can nowadays). It maybe worth to invest in Mind Freedom Shield ;)
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  3. he has me on 10mg Zyprexa but im sure that's more harmful for me than weed
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  4. Well, I don't see any contraindications to doing them together. (https://cann-dir.psu.edu/drug-resea...9v2nAmhFTlpqxZZAWQmQ8ou3ON6g2zaURlbNarDs7Xww0)
    The doctor told me not to use THC with my Bipolar Disorder, but I feel like my cannabis use is what keeps me on an even keel. I do take psych meds, too.
    I'd be pissed to get forced into rehab. What's going on with you that the doc is so concerned with your cannabis use? A gram/day doesn't seem excessive.
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  5. oh so we have the same situation . no he briefly said cannabis is not good for mental health and to stop it. never mentioned rehab. i only smoke 3 joints a day.
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  6. IMO Doctors don’t know much about cannabis.
    Can it affect your mental health? sure, but really anything can…too much sugar too much caffeine, etc.

    It’s your life, if cannabis helps you and it’s not affecting your mental health in a negative way then keep doing it.
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    I keep this paper on my desktop to share with others. I attached the paper as a .pdf.

    TLDR? here:

    As far as other medication, I use quercetin and weed, that's all I use, and I've been 'diagnosed' plenty. When I am down, I accept that its a transient state and move on. I work on your spirituality and keep myself busy with physical work. Read/listen to the Bhagavad Gita; Einstein did ;)

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  8. If you're bipolar there are better ways. EG psychedelics. Do the research.
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  9. Everyone needs a break once in a a while take it and keep us informed. Good Luck Take a break
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    its not your life if it affects others
    give some consideration to your mental health and others around you
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  11. What the fuck are you talking about? No one is here giving medical advice.
    Kick rocks
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  12. Tangential frustration here - years ago when I was struggling with mental issues, the moment I 'fessed up about my weed use the direction of my care changed to rehab rather than relief. Realizing how I was branded as drug seeking rather than self medicating I felt as though the door to psychiatric or psychological guidance was closed.
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  13. Doctors are just making very educated guesses, but in the end they're just that, a guess. Do what you want to do. I frustrate the hell out of my MD because I only do about half of what she tells me.
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  14. I don’t know
    Master covid I kind of lost my trust in the medical profession

    but he is right. You would be healthier if you did not smoke..

    But would you be better off?

    I love weed to. And I need to cut back.
    I have to be mentally prepared for that however

    u need to do what is good and right for you and learn the balance of life
  15. must i add i also smoke tobacco and i told the doc but he never mentioned tobacco. worst case il stop weed and smoke tobacco lol
  16. No, tobacco is far worse for you than cannabis.
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  17. Additionally, smoking cannabis does not lead to lung cancer, smoking cigarettes does. But here's a fact most don't know, if you smoke cannabis and tobacco, you have increased your chance of developing lung cancer (more than just a plain smoker).
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  18. why spend your money and waste his time if you choice to not listen

  19. Here's whats going to happen taking Zyprexa, even without smoking cannabis

    you're going to gain 20-50lbs in a short amount of time
    30-70lbs if you have the munchies all the time.
    so your self image will also fall and you may become depressed or anxious and get pushed more pills

    Your cholesterol and triglyceride blood numbers will all go up
    enough to where they will want to give you heart medication/statins to lower cholesterol. More pills

    When you eventually decide to quit your doctor wont want to do it, and you will have to force them.
    Withdraw on Zyprexa is hell, ask me how i know.. 10mg dose will take you at least 6-12 months to ween off

    I'm guessing they didn't warn you about withdraw?
    ...It's really bad, and I've withdrawn on other substances know to be hell

    ..Unless you're diagnosed as bat-shit crazy schizo/bipolar and truly need it to function...
    you are giving yourself a chemical lobotomy with this med. In which case you should probably moderate your cannabis intake anyway...

    I suggest getting off that train if you dont truly need it, because by the time you need cholesterol or depression meds its too late, your withdraw will be hellish.
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  20. Weeds going to be legal in a year or two, hopefully
    Doctors using weed as a threat to put you in rehab isn't going to be an excuse for them much longer.
    They cant force alcoholics to do anything unless they have violated a law, or their family has an intervention to put them in therapy, but weed possession is enough to get you in rehab in some states still.

    Any doc that threatens that is playing you, unless you're on probation or court ordered to abstain from substances.
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