If a crew member sold weed aboard the USS Enterprise...

Discussion in 'General' started by AndyPL, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Which one would it be? I'm saying the character played by Whoopi Goldberg (the bartender). She hangs around in the darkest part of the vessel and dresses ridiculously. Also she says she's 500 years old and has had 23 husbands, what the fuck? She must be high.

    Although Jordi Laforge would be a likely candidate too. He probably smokes out with all those hot girls in engineering. What a pimp!

  2. What the hell are you talking about
  3. are you talking about star trek man? i dont remember whoopi being on the enterprise...but i also wasnt a regular watcher. or you might just be really high and i commend your creativity randomness.
  4. All I read was a bunch of really funky words
  5. spock!

    he's like a marijuana activist, logical and whatnot. :)

    "live long and prosper" could be interpreted "vape marijuana and sell what you grow":D

    ..i just smoked hydro
  6. haha i agree wit you Andy, definately whoopi goldbergs character

    ..she was in one of the movies(cant remember which one) but it was one of my favorites...havent seen it in forever i miss it :(
  7. goldberg's character definately. I don't watch star trek, but Andy, your title for the post made my laugh so hard I had to come in and check it out.
  8. Yes, the two black characters are the only ones who would sell weed...

    I think it was that nervious/paranoid guy who would always fuck up. I don't remember his name, he was on like 3 episodes of TNG. He always seemed like the really paranoid stoner type to me.
  9. Warf.

  10. no way itd be against his honor to sell weed to his fellow shipmates.. <talking about warf
  11. I'm pretty sure whoopi goldberg was on Star Trek: TNG

    enterprise i believe was the really crappy series that came out on like upn or something. it was the one that was supposed to have taken place before all the other star treks.
  12. she was guinan (sp?) the bartender in TNG... former trek geek here

  13. Dude, the ship in TOS, TNG and Enterprise are all... USS Enterprise! (the name of the thread title). So anyone from those series would be valid, I guess, not just from the series "Enterprise".

    (former trek geek too. I stopped watching it about 4 years ago... they were good shows but no time to watch anymore)
  14. no guys, it would have to be Data. He can probably look at a sack and tell exactly how much it weighs and the exact THC content, and he's an android so he probably would never rip you off...
  15. Everyone knows that the mattertransformers that make thier food and beverages and synthahol makes the finest ganja in the universe! No need to buy off anyone!
  16. what about quark, he was a bad ass.

    ill bet he dealt rock.

  17. LOL, I've gotta admit. That was funny stuff.

    And I have no idea what you meant by your question, your terminology means nothing to me lmfao. I'm not sure if it's because I'm high, or because you were high when you wrote it, but nothing's clicking here dude.
  18. Guinan would definitely sell weed. I don't think Geordi would, since he's so straight edge. Probably doesn't even drink. I would imagine that cannabis is legal in the 24th Century. I mean, they did figure out a way to eliminate war, poverty and famine, right? :smoke:

    By the way Joint, the guy you're thinking of is Lt. Barclay. And you're right, he does act like a paranoid stoner.
  19. Well, with all this said....Who would sell pot in LoTR series??? Personally, Pippin and Mary are total stoners.

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