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if a cop pulls you over or something....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stuntindaddy, May 25, 2010.

  1. Sorry to read that aye. You'd think cops would have more important matters to tend to than a bloke midning his own buisness. Some Cops would book their own Grandmothers, I reckon.

    Here's hoping you come out on top.
  2. thanks man, im sure everything will be fine, the worst thing thats happened to me out here in Utah is 15 day jail sentance for a pipe and an 8th. Really ridiculous out here
  3. That's a cheap rate for an attorney.

    I think you'll be fine. You passed the test at the scene. That is really key. Even if Utah has per se drug metabolite laws you have a good case because you shouldn't have been detained for more testing... at least from what I think I understand about the matter. The magistrate definitely shouldn't have signed a warrant.

    What evidence against you could a judge possibly have that merits a warrant search of your most sacred, protected property? I'm assuming you weren't pulled over for reckless driving. So you didn't seem impaired based on your driving, you passed a breathalyzer, you passed a field sobriety test, the cop didn't find weed in your possession. Those facts should alleviate any reasonable suspicion that you've committed a crime and that's what is required for detaining you.

    They needed demonstrable evidence to get that warrant. What the fuck could the cop have presented as evidence? You passed all his tests and you weren't in possession. The smell of weed isn't demonstrable evidence obviously... it gave him the liberty to search you and test you... but you passed. I'd love to know what the basis for that warrant was and I'm sure your lawyer is all over that. :D
  4. 90%: nothing/waste some hours of your time . but borders are worse

    In some states, and I belive NJ, even drugs inside your body/in your bloodstream can count as possession. But they will have to drug test you, and they way that can happen is if you're being funny/suspicious actions in public and the officer is in a bad mood. In a car, you can easily go down for dui as they can test you at stati even though you pass place sob tests

    airports/borders... they own your ass, be super careful

    edit- lol sry looked like first post, browser stupid
  5. If a cop pulls you over and you have nothing then it shouldn't be a problem. Its happened to me before. Just remain calm and follow orders and be polite. There's no way they can prove you just smoked recently. If they ask about the smell just tell them that you smoke in your car sometimes but you haven't recently. There's no breathalizer for pot. They can't prove anything if you don't have any. Just don't act like an idiot.

  6. Depends on where you live first off.

    I know down here they won't waste their time. I've been pulled over plenty, especially high, and I just usually get asked why my eyes are red and a quick search. They run my name and check the plates and I'm on my way.

    Inner city cops won't waste their time to drive you to a hospital for a drug test. Unless you really pissed them off somehow. You would really have to something really stupid to get locked up for some weed down here.

    I've heard stories in smaller towns where the cops do like doing things like that. They like to waste your time because they don't have anything else going on. When they're not busy busting kids for stealing candy they're out there getting kids who smoke weed.

    With you being in NJ I don't see a cop taking 2 hours of his/her time to get you a blood test to see if you were high.

  7. if he KNOWS for a fact, that you actually did smoke. and he can smell it on you etc.

    he can get you for destroying evidence.

    happened to a buddy of mine.

  8. yeah I mean when he ran my plates the cop must of seen my 4 or 5 priors, so he just wanted to slap me with another one. I had a big Kottonmouth King Decal on my backwindow, and spades on the side of my car, he obviously seen ive never got the message lol.

    What I am pissed about though is the state of Utah took my drivers license for 36 months because I denied a chemicle test when asked. This state is bullshit. definitally not helping the economy out much by sitting at home collecting unemployment, doing indoor gardening, but what can I do ya know.

    I havnt even had to appear in court, my lawyer just tells me "I got this" I really want to go just to give them a peace of my mind, but they will somehow find a way to incriminate me just for having my opinions based with facts from these boards

    I dont know how people can be so fucking Niave to actually beleive this kind of shit is a crime
  9. He wont be able to do much, thats for sure.
  10. Look for Berry Cooper's "Never get busted again" video. Most informative video I have ever see. Berry Cooper used to be one of the top DEA agents, then realized the war on drugs is stupid. He used to train K-9 units, and gives a very informative look on them.
  11. Yeah best to "vote with your feet" and move to a cooler state, freedom and tolerance awaits elsewhere!
  12. ok new question..... if you get pulled over and you DO have weed in the car. what do you do? ditch it? eat it? hide it?
  13. depending on how much you have, you might get off easy with nothing or with a ticket. different states have different amounts that you can have without going to jail.
  14. this guy knows his shit

    [ame=]YouTube - The Office - Dwight escorts pregnant Pam and get's Pulled over[/ame]

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