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idk what to do

Discussion in 'General' started by chuckiez, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. so long story short theres this dude im in alot of classes with he cant be a chill person and just talk he ALWAYS has to be talking about someone. over the past year and a half hes pushed me to the point of me being ready to fight and then running or somethin like that more times than i can count he did it twice today both times i got held back by freinds im done with it how do i handle it??

  2. Does it really bother you that much?

    Maybe just calm down.... .
  3. Yeah seriously, just calm down. If you can't just calm down, go see a psychiatrist for your obvious anger problems.

    Tune him out. Focus on your school work. Ignore him. Talk to somebody else. It's not that difficult.
  4. Well... you could always beat him to the punch and ask him out on a date first, that's what this is about right? Latent and repressed homosexual urges?...
  5. Why not take some advice from Abe?

    Skip to 2:21

    [ame=]YouTube - Whitest Kids U Know Abe Lincoln[/ame]
  6. Oh boo hoo, someone talks a lot and makes you angry. Maybe you should figure out why you're so mad instead of resorting to violence like a neanderthal.
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    Dude, you guys are all assholes. If he is talking about other people and shit, that would piss almost anyone off unless your a self righteous prick. Why not simply put him in his place once? Tell him to stfu, and worry about himself if he is making fun of someone else. His shit stinks just like everyone else.

    Edit: You can easily tell him off if he has been talking with you constantly over the last year and a half. I used to tell off shit-heads at school I didn't have a friendship with and it put them in their place. Why can't you be honest with your colleague?

    [Name calling doesn't fly here. -FW]

  8. I tend to worry about the way *I* act. I don't go about policing the world. If somebody wants to run their mouth about another person, then go for it. IT'S HIGH SCHOOL. Almost everybody acts like a little douche in high school. It's part of growing up.

    The only time you need to step in, if you choose to, is when somebody is getting hurt. If this guys shit-talking is negatively affecting someone OP knows, then OP can step in and let the guy know that he doesn't want to hear anymore of it.

    Violence is never the answer. Call me an asshole all you want.
  9. you need to chill out lol he prolly gets amusement out of your outbursts
  10. its not other people its whoever hes around i dont step in for other ppl unless things are just right. well be sitting in class doing work and hell start talkin about you out of no where.

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