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  1. So every grow I've done has been from clone but i thought id give autoflowers a try and ordered a couple packs and i know how to germinate just fine but its planting the tap root i dont fully get do i water the soil in the container before placing the tap root or after or not at all? Also is fox farm ocean forest too hot for autoflower seedlings is happy frog a better alternative? Any info is appreciated! Happy growing!

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  2. The tail goes downward if you can, it will re-orient itself but takes a bit longer to sprout. about 1/4" deep or so and i don't water it until after the seed is planted. some say otherwise but not me.

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest is too hot for starting 'em. i imaging happy frog is too. i think warrior soil is fox farms seed-starting soil but any seed-starting soil that don't contain any type of 'time-release' crap in it will work just fine.
    and i don't recommend miracle-grow anything.
  3. I've been starting seeds in ffof and happy frog for years... no problems.

  4. well shut my mouth!
    i never would'a thunk it possible and don't recommend it. (must admit, never tried it tho)

    *edit: you mean mixed together? is happy frog seed-starting soil?
  5. I have 3 plants I think less than 2 weeks old. 1 started in ocean forest, 2 started in happy frog. This is my first time using FF, I don't think I'll ever use a different soil after this. It works just fine for sprouts :)
  6. well shit guys... I'm gonna try it! I use ffof.
    have some seeds coming for the comparative grow, may try it on one of those.
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  7. Sour livers? That's what the 3 plants I was talking about are lol.
    Day 12 in FF:
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  8. those are the ones... sour livers... don't sound too appealing does it? lol.
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  9. I don't think ocean forest is a hot medium at all. I've never had a problem with starting seeds in it, plus if you don't use bottled or homemade nutes or fertz, it's got enough in it all ready to get you through a grow

  10. I have actually seen the results of this on here recently...
    I thought it was bud rot but it was just what a everything-deficiency looked like.

    *edit: search for 'everything-deficiency' and you'll prolly find it.
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  11. Yeah I've seen what your talking about


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