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    A couple months ago I got busted by mom. She threatened to kick me out if I don't stop smoking. I did for like a month, well today she found my glass piece but hasn't said anything about it to me? Should I be worried? I don't wanna be kicked out cause I'd hate to walk to my college campus lol. Advice?

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  2. Respectively, Not smoke at home.
    Their house, you should really respect their rules...
    I didn't, but you should. So you don't run into some of the problems I did
    Like being homeless for 5 months.
  3. ^ 100%.
    Being an adult consists of a lot of compromise. Pick your battles, OP.
  4. Parent(s) who make those kind of threats are really stepping out on a ledge. Thing is if they DON'T kick you out when they've threatened to, they lose credibility. I think your mom loves you and just doesn't want the worry and hassle of wondering if you're safe and well fed.
    Be MORE discreet.
  5. Learn to bum change
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    I strongly disagree with this. The "my house my rules" bullshit is overused by every psychotic, over controlling parent.

    You decided to have a child that you LEGALLY owe 18 years of aid to. You knew when you had your kid by your own past and experience that you won't agree with everything, but you still chose have that kid. Your child is not your slave, you do not get to give every command and expect them to obey your exact wish. That is child abuse, you can't just completely enslave and control your child with the threat of throwing them out on the street hanging over their head. That is absolutely pathetic and something only dead beat parents with low IQ's and little understanding of how to raise a child resort to. 

    Now, while the my house my rules thing is actually a pathetic excuse used by dead beat parents it has some weight in this case. You are doing something that is against the law (assuming in your region?) and could create serious complications for your parents. In this case (only because you are breaking the law) your mom has the right to be concerned. 

    I honestly don't have any advice to give you right now (I am pretty drunk). How old are you?

    But seriously, did I say it yet? Fuck my house my rules, if your that much of a controlling psychopath having a child is not for you. 

  7. The only advice I have to you is this ;

    Simply put. Find her ass, and kiss it repeatedly!!!! Haha

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  8. We can tell.

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