idk what to do help cant smoke

Discussion in 'General' started by wiz12595, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. last night i took a couple hits from my bowl and i got a kind of stabbing shooting pain like left side of my chest a little under my heart i think it might of been heartburn but im not sure and it happend about 2 hours after i smoked and it was kinda scary so i smoke like everynight should i smoke?? i dont know if its going to be worse and i dont even know what it is so if you guys could help me out do you think i should smoke and what you think it is???? HELP
  2. man when your high just know that the marijuana is not harmful and you wont be paranoid about that. i get paranoid about it being legal but not that its harming me,
    just remember that your high, its all in your head and its not gonna hurt you.
    random things happen when your high like that, like your tooth could feel funny, or your leg all of a sudden feels weird, etc. marijuana just makes you think more, whether it be happy or sad or frightening. just dont think bad about the weed and know its not causing the pain, its just bringing everything out more and you think about everything alot more.

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